Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Liu wei


Liu wei has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: AFTER WAR

I added a photo beside the hand of soldier body.and added a soldier body.
It’s the really final.god!

good luck everybody!I love U!


hello everyone!It’s my model and simple
lighting.thank you.


eatbug even with simple shapes so far you show great piece … very massive and eye catching … this looks like it will be very fascinating as it grows :thumbsup:


another viewpoint:)



This looks interesting, nicely done . What is the storyline behind this, is it a ring city.
Look forward to more.

My space opera entry.


WOW! I see you’ve decided not to put much detail into this. LOL.

What technique did you use to get that layered effect? It really is very dramatic and eyecatching. Looking forward to seeing more.



wicked wicked wicked!
absolutely epic! 5* concept.

personally i like the vertical composition better, but i understood the idea only after i saw the horizontal one. dunno if you can blend the two somehow?


hi,long time no see!I am so lazy.
Looks like hell. but don’t be worry.
It’s just my imagine.
And I already had a story.
Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrry up! no timeoooo…


pigwater,mmoir,dayvbrown,dahiya,thanks all and your encourage!

dayvbrown,just particle instance.:slight_smile:


Hi eatbug
wow thats some super nova u got there!!:eek: the final out put of the scene will be amazing no doubts about it.:slight_smile:


Yunisirees,thank you , but so hard to finish my imagine,no sleeping ,no night.go time=no sleep :slight_smile:


Hey!, This looks really good, one of the best so far! One idea; are the clouds a bit too glossy? Maybe the glossiness could be dropped a bit? Great work! :thumbsup:



OK. You are heading the top ten…
no joking


oh my god! is the end of the world as we know it!
damn you for destroy our planet. jejeje i just kidding. is great your work, too much dramatic, because that is something that no one of us want to see.
congratulations man, you couldn’t find another escene more epic than that:buttrock:


hi eatbug

any updates for us to see:)? i know ur going to kill us with ur images!:twisted:
heheh hope u get some nice rest after this :beer:!


hwo do you think about,tell me please.
I need inspiration.hurry up.
next I will addd other thing in outer space. of course all describe ballyhack
after tragedy,(nuke?)
,may be two bodys float in my image.:slight_smile:


beautifull its turning out very nice!:eek: …i think u should put some bump maps on the fore ground structures its kinda of lacks the very small details! also u can give them some speculiar and diffuse maps to give them some varitaion …btw what are the structures made of.


I really like the overall look of the image, nice colors etc. It’s also nice to see someone follow along the Space Opera theme. :slight_smile: Did you use cinama 4d?


debris of ship,ok ten times,why?


why submit emtry is so terrible,the cgnetwork server is so busy now!