Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Laurent Antoine Lemog


Way up shit creek without a paddle now, pig :smiley:


any fingers left Wabbit?? :slight_smile:


Not quite as many as I used to I’m afraid :argh:


OOOOhhhhh, …Monsieur Laurent, … votre image cest tres poetique (comme la senzuelle langue francais). Je laime beaucoup.
Et avec tout ce madame et monsieurs qui va on promenade dans lespace. GEEEEEENIAL!!! Mirifique Please excuse my french (Im sure I made at least one spelling mistake) but your image is so beautifull that I want to adress my first words in your language.
I have a special sensibility to those Da Vinci shapes of your spaceships.
And with that planet in the background, everything is perfect.
All my compliments to this beautifull vision you had for this challange.
Congratulations mate!!! :applause: :applause:


Lolo…Style,creativity,ambiance and mood,execution from models to textures…in a word an (English one :wink: )… Beautiful.What makes this beautiful work even better is the fact it comes from one of the greatest people …And someday somewhere I hope we can meet and create together…It would be a true pleasure.To one of my favorite artsist’s and to a class act I wish you the very best lolo in this challenge and in all else you do,I know it will always be a success because you are a winner in all you do…:arteest:

I will look for you always and hope our paths cross many times.Until then the very best to you and your Family.See you lolo for now,again your art is (“fantastique” a French word :wink: ) just for you… :beer: :arteest: :cool:


Nice work, I like the mood and colors. Your Matte painting entry is also
very good…the colors and atmosphere look great. Your final looks better
than just it’s parts, and that is the challenge. A real supplies.

my 3d gso entry


Hi Lemog! Thread hoping by here to congratulate u on one of the more art pieces with style and elegance!:slight_smile: :bounce: !.. it a pleasure to see the helpfull wips…and all the best to u!:buttrock: !


PROctavian -> Oooh very good… that you a do a great effort like that, to write a long sentence in french is a fantastic honor for me you know… and finally, I think your french is a bit better than my english… but with time, I do some progress… I think to speak english easily in english in only 1 or 2 centuries… :scream:
Seriously… many thanks to you… I’m very happy you like my vision, a bit aside the topic… but near me, near my world, my world of dream :wavey:

Virtuoso -> Thanks friend for your wishes… and I think you’re right… we have you and me an interpreted vision of things, very similar… with just like difference… for you, mechanics and technicity take roots in your imagination… and for me, imagination take roots in mechanics and technicity… no ?
In any case… I wishe you the best, for your another unique Virtuso’s Masterpiece :beer:


userBrian -> Thanks for that kind words mate, really :wink:

yunisirees -> I so happy if you have interested by this wip… if that can help… it’s a true good thing… I take a lot of pleasure ti do that… to partage this pleasure with everybody… I think to have more of 200 rendering in this wip, without counting the wallpapers… :scream:
Thanks for uoyr wishes :beer:


A voté :thumbsup: Great great work !


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@scootermaya: have a read :slight_smile:


I read, but unfortunatly, this is not clear at all !
We shall wait a bit longer if I get it ?
Than we will have a direct link that’s it ? Only for members ? How about the external viewers ?


basically it comes down to the fact that voting hasn’t started yet and as such the link has been removed, Leonard has given a timeframe for voting in the Q&A thread :slight_smile:


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That’s realy bad !

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Sorry to wake you up Dimitris !:slight_smile:


well they get to do it again, see it as extra promotion :smiley:


hahaha…don’t worry mate …sooner or later voting will start and…finish …and all this…
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OK Dimitris ! See you in ten mn on the Piree !

Well At least it gives me the chance to vote twice for you !!:thumbsup: (and Lemog)

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salud guys …and good morning My crazy Frenchies…

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