Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


hey really good models and textures!! very nice , I liked it!


yet some more texturing on the main character. some more details were added.


WOW, that’s awesome man… damn u work fast, textures already!?
It looks great, and feels so alive


Excellent progress!
Hope to see the other stages!


Hey! He is awsome! A true discoverer! Great look on face too.:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Nice progress!



hey koryh , sexy guy there… :smiley:


KOryH, Man I must say your concept is really cool. I have not been following your post from the start, but I love your concept sketches. And yeah your character is awesome and nice texturing too. Waiting to see more rocking updates:thumbsup: :bounce:


Only one word: Amazing!:thumbsup:


wonderful, I like the new details :thumbsup:


Looking forward to seeing the set!



Thanks guys.
Iv’e done some more on the ship and environment, but it is still a little early too show again.
Also no new baby yet!
The wife is anxious and so am I. The last few days are always the longest.


On This picture, the man seem to have a little head for his body…maybe it’s due to the view angle… In any case your work is great. :thumbsup:


The concept of a “Sci-Fi”, future Chistopher Columbus is intriguing, and has a lot of potential for the opera theme. I also think that the second, wide format sketch with him on the left in the foreground, and the ships on the right in back looks great. And then you are texturing already!
I can’t wait to see more


hey everyone!
well HE"S HERE!!!

Finley Patrik Heinzen was born 12:35 am
November 9

a whopping 8 lbs 11 oz.
I think he might be a footballer like his old man. he has some thick legs.

anyway I’m sure I have some late nights ahead of me.
see ya soon!


hey ,hey congrats…:beer: …What an exciting day for you.Very happy to hear all is great,and he is a big one…kory I wish you and your family the best…You can always tell him that you were working on the Space opera challenge on that special day…Again big congrats,and have a couple of these on me…:beer: :beer:


Congratulations :slight_smile: glad everything went well !




Congratulations Kory!!! The days like this one are the best days of our lives!:thumbsup:
I wish you and your family all the best!
and sure cheers… :beer: :beer:


hey Kory, nice modleing man… that model remings me of Moses from the 10 Commandment movie… keep it up mate…