Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


KoryH, this is a beautiful picture you made. One of the best in this challenge, 2d and 3d. Good luck on the voting.


texx and emonimo thanks that means a lot!

That is kind of you to say Soeirada.
I hope that some more people thought like that too.

and BTW wooo hooo 401 replies.
That’s a record for me I think.


Congratulations, KOryH.





congratulations Kory :thumbsup:


Congrats man… awesome job!


from great sketches to great finish, good job!


Great work man, congratulations!


hey dude

well done and congratulations… I pegged you for the win, was my fav entry ;p


Thanks for the kind words.
I had a blast in this challenge. It was hard work, but I really liked the feeling of accomplishment I got when I actally finished it.
I can’t wait for the book now. there will be stuff I never uploaded into this thread in there.
you know more bang for your buck. more concept art and designs.

Thanks again!


Congrats on the win, KoryH; a really original piece that deserved to win. :wink:


Good going KoryHKnew you would make the list on concept alone.
Hows the family?


• Congrats Kory! Very cool job! Keep going pal, i could imagine the greatness of ur work since the sketch’s stage :thumbsup: hope to see u in the next!


Gratz mate! I have to say i really enjoyed your 2d sketches, and you are very talendet painter. Now it seems like you are also master in 3d. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! A great character driven entry. :thumbsup: :applause:


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