Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


I thought a lot about this. I started appreciating a lot the concept and development, then there was something…I don’t know…maybe something on the written replies that made me a little dubious, but now…I’m up again with this cool project.

I think it deserves a recognition.

flyingP: aren’t you a flying Pig no more?





got my vote

and my avatar has been Squibbited


Thanks guys,

Hey ago- who’s replyies turned you off? and when? Before I was finished or after?
Was is my inane banter about the artistic process that made you ill. Sometimes my BS
gets a little thick?

Thanks for taking the time to think about it. I must have done something right.


this is a beautifull entry:)!.. i like the unique idea it portrays…love the ships…really gives the feeling of historic discovery:thumbsup:!


mmmm…Sincerely, I don’t know exactly what it was, but now, as I said, I’m pretty sure that this work deserves to win. Forgive me if I was not clear, it’s just because sometimes I express my feelings when I should keep them for myself. Anyway, no doubts on how much I appreciate your work!

Good Luck!




No worries I was just curious.
I value other artists opinions.


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:

I simply like everything in here… the concept, the image and the whole process you`ve gone through.


Awesome Work:applause:
You Had my Vote!


hey thanks theuni and adel3d

that makes 3 I think.

Man there were so many great works. I must have voted for a dozen of them in each category.


Another one of my favourite images. Just totally awesome! You have my vote by the way…


Great !

my favorite entry, in the 3d category.


WOW great work :thumbsup:


you have create a beatifull image.
i think that the most intresting thing in your piece, it’s that you really get to put the spectator in that universe of yours. the scene makes you wonder about the story of the characters and eventually imagine an adventure. sci/fi meets 1492’s in another planet.
really great!!!


One of very few artisitc finals in the 3D challenge this time, imho. You really take us away to another world with this picture.
Good luck, if you even need it.


Thanks again for the nice comments and the appretiation of my work.
I try to do more than just the technical stuff so it is nice to hear people like it.

I had fun putting this together and it really was a challenge for me. I don’t do this type of sci-fi too much. So it was difficult at times. The support here really got me through some of the creative blocks.
I am glad I participated in a challenge again after a couple of years away.


I have checked out almost all of the final entries and yours is right up there my friend…the quality of your work is outstanding, an inspiration to us all :applause: Goodluck.


Thanks E5… I chickened out of the 2D challenge. Man the were some really good ones, yours included.


I chickened out of the 2D challenge

that’s really funny, considering we were stunned by your 2D sketches for 3D…

with u in 2D it would have been yet a (biiig)step tougher contest


I’m going to get some of my 2D friends to join next time.
Maybe I’ll do 2D next time too.
Although I have to admit, that 3D is fun for me.
Maybe because I have a harder time with it.
I like the abuse! ha!

I wonder If we are going to hear who makes it to the next round at all.
Or will be suprised in a few weeks?


Totally agree!!