Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


THIS IS BEAUTIFUL great work Koryh!


congratulations to finishing this between a baby and all. it’s looks to be a massive amount of work involved in this pic, one of my absolute favourites in this challenge!


Think i have a new favourite here! :slight_smile:
A breathtaking piece, no doubt. :thumbsup:


WOW I came to your thread very long ago, but somehow i missed it development, I feel sorry for that, Great Picture pal! look amazing :thumbsup: GOOD LUCK!


Splendid final! :thumbsup:

Wishing the best for such and inspiring entry! :slight_smile:


Effing awesome! This one has everything! Normally I would say something semi-intelligent about it, but I don’t even know where to start. Superb work.


agree. excellent work. it’s not just modelled, textured and put together (somehow) - it’s the work of someone who know what he does and worked for the athmosphere, not the technical things… and i must have said that before, but i really like your concept drawings KOryH. hope to see more from you in the future i wish you a place in the top 3, you would deserve it.


The idea and realization are both splendid!


Hey Kory! Awsome picture man I really like what you have done here :thumbsup: No gore or explosions just an offer of freindship. Cool man! I will be saving this one as one of my favourites. Good luck to you dude.



Thanks so much everyone,
I worked really hard on capturing a mood and a moment.
I feels good to know that people are responding to that.
It is these kind of moments when an artist can connect to the viewer
that make all the hard work worth it.

It was a long stressful and wonderful experience.
I am glad I had the opportunity to take part in this Challenge and be part of such a
warm and intelligent artistic community.

All the best to everyone who took part in the challenge and to the people who just
observed and felt compelled to give suggestions and comments.

Thanks again


I do too actually, although I think what impresses me most is how you seem to have brought those 2D and 3D skills together into a style that really compliments both.

I am more than a little envious :slight_smile:


Hi KOryH,

This is by far my favorite entry. I love it. The concept is very refreshing. Your lighting, modeling, palette and compostion are flawless in my opinion. And it strongly conveys a story.
Does the skull in the foreground imply the creatures are hostile and will kill the humans?
Great work and very well done, good luck (especially with your dial up connection :))


Yes a very original piece indeed…and very well done…good intigration of 2 andd work into one stellar final entry… :thumbsup:


Thanks piggy, I do mostly 2D stuff here at work, but at home I get to play in the Third!
I am still a slow modeler and it takes quite a bit of messing around to get what i want,
but it’s fun and comes in handy to some extra stuff.

Stupendoh, who knows? thanks BTW those are kind words

essence, thanks it took a bit of planning and trial and error. Hopefully I will
get a chance to show a bit more of my process in the weeks to come.


as i look at the image again,i want to say congratulation in advance because its just great… regardless


I like your composition and colors. Great feeling of an alien planet:)


Hmm… I think this is a very important statement. Quite often, mostly in these challenge contexts, I see some veeeeeeeery skilled modelers/texture artists working on individual image elements with sometimes inhuman skill levels - only to end up producing a final image that doesn’t work at all… And conversely, I often spot guys with a solid 2D background who recently “started experimenting a little with 3D” who end up making final results that usually runs circles around skilled, but purely 3D-oriented artists.

I can only conclude that in terms of producing final and artistically valid work, there’s no escaping the fact that a solid foundation in 2D/traditional arts is imperative… or that such skills should be acquired without further due. This would perhaps not necessarily imply drawing or painting skills, but could maybe also the eye of a great photographer or cinematographer, i.e. compositional and lighting skills, and simply being able to tell a good idea from a bad one in terms of visual impact.

I’ve personally been playing around with 3D as a hobbyist for more than four years now, but not until very recently have I realised what I said above…

Hmm… well, this is a great piece of work, possibly the best in the GSO challenge… and I’m off to try and learn some more 2D :smiley:


good Idea, I’ve seen your drawings :smiley:

and KOryH I hear you, speed modelling is not my thing really either, I find I have to put myself in a totally different frame of mind when going from 2 to 3D…I actually have to think…slows me down immensely :argh: :smiley:


Mwaaaaahaaaaahahaa! When did you learn that?


well I am at least better at it than you at drawing :stuck_out_tongue: