Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


Good Luck!!!



Wow, so many amazing threads I missed. This one is great. Congratulations. :thumbsup:



exellent final issue kory!great work and lovely colours!goodluck!yours & adel3D are my favorites finalimage!bravo!


Nw I´m really sorry I missed this one, exelent work and a verry nice result.

Congrats :applause:



I’ve received several questions about what the explorer is doing.

That’s a good thing. Questioning the image is what is supposed to happen.
This illustration is telling a story and it is up to you to come up with the outcome.
There are several things that can take place after this particular event.
It is left ambiguous in order for the viewer to bring his or her own opinions into the viewing of the picture.
Maybe it’s a little sophisticated as compared to grotesque aliens and explosions and laser beams, but, come on, we are all artists and I expect a lot from you.

I am expecting you to enjoy pretty pictures AND think.
You deserve nothing less.


great post my friend… I’m with ya!


hey this really turned out great in the end !

i had little doubts half way thru … :blush:


Old latin saying seems at place here: “si vis pacem, para bellum” hehe not sure if it’s intentional, but i kinda see it that way. :wink:


thanks arturro

squibbit don’t worry I felt the same way. It took me a while to figure out how to do what i wanted to do.

azazel I am not sure what that means but it sounds good anyway.

it IS intentional that he is both reaching his hand out in friendship and for his gun.
what is his true nature?
Is he even the first explorer to be there.
what will the natives hiding in the jungle do next?
who is in greater danger, if any at all?

who knows?


Ooohhh, so I really did understand it correctly :cool: :bounce:


this image has best atmopshere in whole competition … it seems like it is… cartoony but then it looks so real… and u know what i mean :smiley:


amazing is an understatement :scream:,all the best :bounce:


Great and very original image Kory!! One of my prefer ones … Best luck for you!!:thumbsup:


Si vis pacem, para bellum: If you wish for peace, prepare for war :wink:


In this case, doen’t seam that “historia magitra vitae est”. :slight_smile:

By way, did you know that in the last Italian financial law 2005, our dear Silvio Berlsuconi has set up 2 millions of euros in the next 2 years, to finance the development of Cristoforo Colombo’s “image”? And that the same law reserved, for example, only 500,000 euros to youth cultural projects?

No? I think that the majority of Italians don’t know that either.

Good Luck. It’s really a cool work…and I understand the meaning of that gun…don’t worry.





WOW!! Congratulations!! I love the visuals and design of the ships, but the story in your entry is very nice. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Well done, this seems to me to have retained some of the painterly feel of your concept work. I like the grandness of the composition. A really nice piece.:thumbsup:

Good Luck


very cool image. I like the composition of colours. maybe a liitle bit more contrast, but time´s running out;-) very good work


thanks so much everyone,
I am glad that the more illustrative style is appreciated. It took a long time to get that to happen.

ago-stino, that is very interesting.

azazel, OR prepare for war, but wish for peace.

thanks again


Wow, Koryh

I didn´t visit this thread since you started modeling. The perspective view is great. And the encounter has something mystic. The atmosphere is just beautiful.
A terrific piece of art.