Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


JUST A LITTLE BUG. Must be only a postproduction mistake,in your erasing, upper left corner -
the dark branch ich overlaping the lighter;-)


Your comments help as I keep plugging away on this bad boy!

Darkone, Yeah lots to do on that tree. I hope to get to it!


well I’m getting closer.
I have some more small fixes and the addition of some foreground characters if my computer is coopertive.
For this one I also added more detailing on the ship and cleaned up somethings here and there.
I hope you like it because I’m past the point of no return.

Best of luck to all.


No my friend …we don’t like it…we love it! :bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce:


No way… So nice.


thanks Dim.
I can’t wait to see your all together!
I am still amazed at some of the detail you and some other guys have in thier images.
It’s very inspiring


Looking really nice, great mood. I love how your composition tells a story when read from top to bottom.

Though, I think your image looks quite flat. You could achieve more depth by blurring the very close foreground elements and/or by making them bigger. And also by loosing some saturation and contrast on the furthest ships to make them feel like they’re big and far… The best, I think, would be to make some half inside the clouds.
Also, lighting wise, the athmosphere would benefit from a stronger backlit effect (since 2 suns are on the back of the image) , and subtle translucencies on cloth / vegetation / sails.

Good luck for the final sprint, all the best!


The skull idea is very good, but the skull is very hard to spot…


some shape of distant montains on the horizon would add to the depth of the scene as well.


Watch out Kory! I can see the stretched UVs on the leaves on the front! I’m just hoping this turns out perfect, this is the GSO I’m not capable of!



whoa… just insane man, you’ve done really well… The vegetation rocks, and the little alien guy just tips it over the edge!

well done - on to the final


kory,your image is really beautyfull! i love the colours! the part i prefer is the foreground it’s really dope! i have just a suggestion is maybe desaturate the last ship in the background…great work!


Thanks for the comments and good suggestions.

Yeah it seems like I relly need to tune the ships a bit to get a better sence of depth and scale. It has been something that has bothered me. I am also thinking of a little DOF but not
too much. I would like to keep it illustrative as much as possible.

I will be finishing tonight.

Thanks for all the support, it has helped.


Hi KOryH,

maybe some light onto the bottom of the ships would give more depth feeling to the scene.


Thanks theuni,
thats a good suggestion. I will be playing tonight, or tomorrow.


well folks here it is.
Finished for now.
that is untill I look at it tomorrow and decide to fix something.
It’s hard to say good bye to these little babies of ours, huh?
Its been a fun ride and lots of things have happened in my life and the world.

Stay safe and happy and dream of the stars.


here is a snapshot of my desktop when I decided I was done. I thought some one might be interested in how tidy I keep
my shop.


Dammit how’d I miss this, very nice, love the colours and composition, the little guys are very well camouflaged, I didn’t see them to start with :blush: but I don’t find it lets the picture down, rather it added nice AHA effect when I did see them :smiley:


Hey thanks P,

I am glad you had that experience. I hope this image will tell a little story.
It seems like you got it.

I was sad to see you go. that armor of yours was looking very cool!


yeah I really should get around to ‘finishing’ a few more projects :blush: and I will do so… although I really want to finish that 3D version of my Machine Flesh challenge first… damn to do list keeps getting longer :argh:

and yes I think you have succeeded with telling a story with this piece, I’m impressed at any rate :thumbsup: