Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


That new face is so much better than the previous one, it has much much more personality. :thumbsup:


Fantastic work on this character as mentioned before i also like the last on in the right corner super and the hair is looking realy nice!


hey that hair is looking great, but the char also looks good without them… and hey in the last image he seems really happy with the hair… i donno, ask that char of urs, c what he likes the most…LOL… keep goin buddy, awesome job so far :thumbsup:


here are a couple of thingsthat I am workking on for the foreground of the picture. I will be adding some unearthly stuff too. But I want to keep it familiar looking.
lots of work still to go!


I like the mossy piece, think it looks great. I’m not sure about the ferns though, they look a bit to perfect or CG like. What about having a couple damaged or shredded leaves.


in a mighty Jungle , heya mamam eeeeeee… the lion sleeps tonight . awima e , awima e!
looking good my friend just i think this plant is to bumpy…!


The best entry i’ve seen so far :slight_smile:

Good luck


waw. thats great!
i really like ur sketches and all! :eek:


man those texture looks just awesome, the only thing i was wondering, you gonna put some isects?
cuz if you put some insects would be a real jungle jeje
have fun man


hoohoo…now u are talking !!..bubble stuff :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hi DimitrisLiatsos,

I like the story you have choosen for you image… I`m curious about the future discoverer feeling one could get. Keep it up…


The jungle test looks dreamy! :thumbsup: Glad I see you’re moving closer to the finish! :arteest:

The concept behind and the work so far tell this will be an awsome composition!

Waiting for more! :slight_smile:


excellent stuf and great texturing here you are doing great job this last image is amazing

cant wait to see what you are going to make next :bounce:


Excellent texturing, i like it a lot!! :bounce:
Nice work!! Keep going!! :thumbsup:


well I’m back to work, but not on this.
I’ve been tending to the family.
The In-Laws have been in and out and finally we are alone.
Tired, but, alone.
Anyway, I will be getting back to work on this very soon.
I have done some more things since the last image post but haven’t posted yet.
I’ll try to do that tonight.
I am still working out the final composition. Then we will see some real progress.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!
see ya soon!


hey Kory, real cool update. not to mention the lighting effect and the subtleness of the moss…very eye catching and smooth to the eyes… close to the real thing… reminds me of kong set… keep up:thumbsup:


SWEET STUFF MAN!u are always one of the best!


Man you are scary, you can paint pretty good, that last painting you did (guy standing on vegatation) i think would compete on the 2D side, it’s up there in my opinion, if you just brushed it up a little, i could see you winning… ha ha ha, why not?. The 3D looks awsome as well, though there isn’t enough to tell , from the leaves and the tree trunk, i think you will do some damage in the 3D section, consider the 2D side as well because it qualifies in my opinion and it seems that you just bang it out great paintings with no sweat, so, with just a little push on the painting, i think you could win both sides. I only hope to paint as well as you sir.


Hi KOryH!!

Congratulations for your job! It’s cool!

Do excuse for the (repeated) ask, but which the software that you used? To do the hair? Which the technique?

Good luck!



great texture work!