Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


Congratulations on your son! Your son has a genius visionary for a father. You’re a true professional.



Here is some progress on the ship.
Slow but steady.

BTW Thanks for all the kind words.
Mom and baby are great. Big sister and I are doing well too.
Ill try to get a picture up soon for anyone who cares.


Here is an in progress shot of the shore line. I did a paint over for myself to map out future additions.
I do this a lot. It helps me focus on things. It’s like art directing my self.


Congratulations! Best wishes to your family…

New updates look cool :thumbsup:


Hi Kory,

nice tequnique of building a composition. Just a question: How do the people leave those flying ships? (By ramp or something more tricky stuff?)

You are already a winner. :slight_smile: Congratiulation to you and your family - best wishes.



Congratulations man…

Finley is a great name, did you finally come up with the name on the spot…does it have any family history?

So pround of you and your family.
Enjoy the newfound love and late nights.


Nice work on the ship and shore line…this is going to make for a beutiful final render… :eek:


What can I say?

I love the idea, your character modelling, landscape modelling, and I like whats going on with the ship! Top show all around!!


Congratulations on your little new family-member!:beer:

Really good start on both ship and shore!

Waiting more updates and “dream staff” in here! :bounce:


This is probably one of my favorites thus far. I just love the concept of the whole thing. And so far the execution has been perfect. :slight_smile: Just giv’r!


Some slow progress has been made. Not much to show however.
I did some experiments with the water and the shore…nothing good yet.
I started bocking in some more models like the landing craft and Bg characters.
I want to ruff out the composition to see what I need to focus on.
I am thinking of tweaking the picture a bit and getting more foreground stuff in there.
Matbe I’ll do some more sketches.

On a personal note: thanks for all the kind words everyone has sent.
Mom is doing well and so is Finley. He is a cuddley little guy and likes to sleep.
That has made the nights a little easier. His big sister loves him a lot and is constantly
asking to hold him. Very cute!

See ya


happy dady hmm? congrats to you and your wife :wink:


cool progress! btw! your little dude is sure cooler…congrats to your family.:thumbsup:


here are a couple of short hair tests.
I think I like shory hair better.
I haven’t been too succesfull with the long stuff.


here is another pass at the concept.
I added a bunch of stuff and pushed the space thing.


He truly looks like an explorer! :thumbsup: The hair don’t work to well for me though :shrug:

The new concept looks good, but in my opinion not to Grand Space Opera.
Maybe if you add a whole fleet waiting in the far background. Like a whole civilization migrating to this planet and this space Colombus is their leader, showing all this burden of responsibility on his face…

Anyway keep it up!


that last concept sketch is looking great. The graphic stripes are a nice addition too. But him standing on a root looks a bit strange!
I like the textured face . I’m not very fond of the white short hair though, but I understand that long hair isn’t easy to get. But if he’s seen from a bit far, maybe geometry and texture would be enough?

keep it up!


Hi KoryH,

I personaly really like your last sketch development with the integrated vegetation. This gives the picture some kind of mysterious mood. I also tried those kind of mood/style in my sketch 7 but I have to admit that at the same time it forfeits grandness because the content (characters, ships,…) gets framed to much by the environment. But I think it´s worth it to keep this idea. With some modification it could be possible to establish some grandness within this composition.



your latest concept is awesome , nice atmostphere , but i think your frame is distract some intersting , anyway great work


Thanks for the feedback guys.
I am still searching for something that will take the idea to the next level.
I feel that I am on the right track, but it needs some more fudging.
maybe that will come in the 3D layout. I would rather solve the problems in 2d first.

As for the abnoxious borders? well I was trying to work with in the original dimentions
so I had some pace to fill. On the final image it would be more subtle, like a simple star chart for the nastalgia feel. Right now it is cranked up way to high.