Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


Kory Heinzen has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: final_v2:New World

I did a slight DOF pass.
I didn’t know if I was going to have time but I did…so…here it is!

next I have to upload a huge tiff.
on my stupid dial up.
wish me luck!


Just reserving some space, just in case one of my ideas works out.
I have been thining about the reinvisioning of a historical battle or event
but turning it in to a glalactic scale.
for example: what would D-Day look like in space 400 years in the future?
or Lewis and Clark 2215? How about space age Christopher Columbus or Ferdinand Magellan?
I am looking forward to seeing everyones progress.
these challenges have always been inspiring to me.


Hello Kory…Lewis and Clark 2215… space age Christopher Columbus or Ferdinand Magellan…Very interesting.Special ideas.I picture a retro-futuristic design with this in mind.I wish you the best,and may the high poly counts of a true Space opera go with you…:arteest: :beer:


This is a first pass at a distant future Columbus.
I am thinking it may be a triptic…
I have an other idea that may be cool too.
Same theme but just a single image.
let me know what you think!


Nice … very nice … finally something different frome space battles and huge spaceships. It all depends on the judges character. If they apreciate at the true value an original ideea, you have a huge advantage… if they are more impressed by huge fleets and alot of destruction, you don’t stand a chance…

As i see it: you should do the view from a cave or some sort … and as it would be through the eyes of a inhabitant of the planet… not necesarily humanoid … nor a green/gray alien :slight_smile: … the base ideea: “columb” discovers this new land, but that is not a “nobody’s land”.

Good Luck !! … i like your ideea.


Well theres a tiny problem if you use the bottom concept like you drew it. I don’t think it would be all that great of an accomplishment for that guy to cross the ocean if a city is like a mile away… :slight_smile:


I think these are epic! I really like the top idea. And the bottom would be my seconed choice. Maybe if the ship were even bigger in the bottom one, that would be great.


Good Luck :thumbsup:

Great sketch, you really have the feel of it


Great sketches…I like the style.
All three of the images work great.
looking foward to seeing more.


Nice theme and really beautiful concepts!!

I’m not sure what the rules are on a triptych…? (i think it’s a great idea) Maybe it’s worth checking on the Q&A thread before you get too much done…? You might have to revert to the single image (a development of the last one on the beach would be my favourite if you can really make it seem he’s arrived from space… natives are a good idea too).

Good luck… the 2D’s looking fantastic… can’t wait to see the 3D!!


Hey man Kory I knew you will amaze us with some great sketches you make, very nice ones here you did.

nice to see you here. rock on friend.


Really nice concepts. I prefer 2 but with some more love on it. The whole idea is pretty different and new! Nice one :thumbsup:


Here is a quick pass at Christopher Columbus 2492. I like the direction this is going in. Now on to the 3 ships.
That is going to be my greatist challange.
I’m not so good with the Sci-Fi stuff.
I guess that’s why I always do it witha historical twist. That way it is closer to my comfort zone.


BTW thanks for the feed back thus far. It really helps me get a feel for what people are
interested in.


nice concept!!

i used to live and work on a replica of columbus’ ‘Santa Maria’ (the one used in 1492:conquest of paradise) so this gets my juices going…

keep it up!!


Hey KoryH … nice to see u again , u and your work man…I like the historical twist u are giving to the look of your character…and from the prev concepts …i like them both very much althoughi have to say that the first one (view from inside spacecraft) reminds me a lot of StarWars …a classical view where Darth Vader turns around and go in the com room to choke to death that admiral…lol…the other one with that guy on his knees is so great …they look relaxed as if they found a new land.

Have fun …


Nice idea :wink: :


I am loving the concept art you have going on here. can’t wait to see the final image.


Great idea , dude ! Excellent pics , also !
You would have done mighty well in 2D too , you in that too, or just 3D ?

tough luck eMPeck :frowning:
well , your Columbus is from the year 11000 while this one was from what,
2500 ? so it’s not totally the same … You could still work with the idea ,
maybe choose another explorer ?


Seems that there will be more “historical” images- I am going into similiar direction by myself (of course I do not want even to try to pretend I am as good as You but it’s always good to see somebody thinking along the same lines).

Lovely character. I am not sure about first concept- IMHO third images palette doesn’t seem to go well with other two but…well… that’s just a sketch so it will be probably refined I guess.