Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


Julien…I like the larger scope…The scene would have in this version.I can only add that as long as you have main focal points (More details here)in the foreground and just beyond the foreground in some middle areas of the scene going larger scale can only be good,as long as detail and the main focal points are not sacrificed…Ok nice layout,good balance…:arteest:


Anders if you will I post your image so you can delete it from your site and I dock it in the contest submission images

No problems, the file is so small anyway, just focus on getting that ruined city built :slight_smile: I like your new proposal for it (expanding the city and making it “harder”), will be interesting to see what comes of it!



and here we are… I startde to create some basic form of the next buildings. The simple cubes that you see will become othe destryed elements so we will see through it and it will be not so ‘loud’…

I add a sky to do some test.



:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Well done…maybe just a little bit the symmetrical cut of the wall in the tower , the one facing the camera…just a thought.



Hi virtuso… oh no detail will be a important point for this picture and well by the same way the resolution required for final image is important that details are good and visible.

cartesius ty…

I think the added building can really increase the catastrophic aspect of this war… An important poit will be the sky and some futuristic buildings integrated with the actual architectures that I’ve made…then will come the steps of streets, streets elements and work on the details of the park in the forground…




argh gosh, you are the firt to point this out, and wel… relevant comment… ouch, until some polygons structure are really loud and complex I will see what can I do… but I got some idea.

Thanks Dimitris !!!



looking good :thumbsup: although the trees bother me bit, they make things just a bit too busy in that part of the picture I feel, and they’re perhaps a bit too evenly laid out.


Agree with the crits about the trees… they look like they don’t really belong there somehow. Overall progress is impressive though :thumbsup:

…and I don’t know if this is the intended camera position for the final, but I feel the scene might benefit from a lower placed POV… cam closer to the ground… just a thought.


James and FlyingP thanks for support and feedback…

Well the idea about trees is to have an open space to don’t mask the destoyed buldings (the one made with bricks) but like I can undestrand is not really a funky idea… I asking myself if eventually more detailed trees+burn trees and destroied (all mixed toghether) can’t not eventually save this ??? This open space would like out like a small place/park with different urban lights, banks… etc…

I wild made anothe up-date (this time it will come only for next week… the colpexity of work now increase incredibily…) and post it with a schematical prospoition about this park and will see if that can be really a good idea or is better to erease it.

james … about camera… :cry: I’m desperated… I don’t know what to do, if i go at level of the ground all bulding are copletely distorted due to the camera angle… and I think about htins from loooong time… :wip:

ok probaly I will made both up-date… and will see what happen…

thanks for support !



Looking great there Julien! Im also with the others on the trees thow, but I have been thinking if a broken stature/monument piece would look better, to make the space look more like a destroyed park/square of some kind?

Anyway, keep up the good work, go and destroy! :thumbsup:


Effectively… I don’t find these trees to much… euh… not to much… :rolleyes:

But, personnaly, I see better some parts of burn trees, more in close up… for exemple 2 at left and 1 at right, a little as if they presented this scene, this composition, obliging the eyes to see what they are exactly in the scene… and for sure, we don’t need to see the entire trees, but only few branches… and why not a little back-light ?


Peter tha can be agreat idea… eventually long to do if i need to model a statue, eventually some abstarct art can made this work a little bit faster… (lol)… but this input sounds great !

another greta input man, MERCI…
for light… I wait just now I have 3 spot and a dome… better to do one step after other


thanks so much gs




I agree about the tree issue Julien…I would rather have none there that what is there now,they actually hinder the entire scene,my main focus is the trees,and it should’nt be…I think perhaps a couple trees with tree wells,as you say it was a park would work much better,they could be ruined/burned,but still show a wonderful network of branches,that once had leaves…If you decide to go with a group of trees I would give them a more off-balanced,non-symetrical layout…

Also I think you could lose a couple back-drop buildings,open up the far landscape a little more,give more scope to the entire scene,they seem to cover all of the background,leaving a closed up look and feel…This will give the viewer more scope more openess to the entire scene…I do agree as well to lower the camera angle,and look up more onto the buildings…it’s a tweak and tweak more situation,but it’s part of what we all are into here…All in all,I like the plan,and the work thus far,like the rest of us you just got to keep tweaking,to bring out the potential of your plan,you’ll get there for sure,as the plan is solid,but they do call this a WIP for a reason Julien…So get it goung as I know you will,see you then,and all the best…:arteest:


Virtuoso many (x10 times) thanks for feedback…

probably today I study all these feed-back and re-orginise me a little bit …

thansk guys for all your wonderful, kind feed-back and support ! :buttrock:



Great job on the scene… can’t crit :). Keep it up! :bounce:


how’s about just lowering the number of trees and placing them a bit more naturally…if they were different heights to it might take away a bit of their sameness. :slight_smile:


yep I need to take care to don’t consume all my memory with trees (poly consuming) becasue I had to att some housands of rapidofly in the sky too…

so a lowering number is the key… or eventually not at all… I think about it… ty FlyingP



When I said Backlight… if don’t think to the light setup, I know that’s for the moment, it’s too much early… but for the aspect of trees/branches… truly dark… just to discover the scene behind… cause trees are here, but not the principal subject… you know what I mean ?


ahh ok… oups i didn’t correcly understand you… oh yes in any case… now the main light is a dome… this is a good point too



Man I am so sorry that I have not seen your post for a while. Your progress is simply amazing, Space ship looks cool. What I like the most is that destroyed building, Amazing details.
Rocking work:thumbsup: , Now I am gonna keep my eye on your work, it is simply awesome and inspiring.