Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


You are working soo fast… cant… keep… up.
I like the work so far… You started modeling the fighters already?


Thanks Linda+Superlayer…
I model the fighters this morning… they will remain low poly object…


Well done Julien - you are speeding on! :smiley:


add some details, redefine the city structure…


First this is a very nice start :thumbsup:
but it seems you understood something wrong . You dont have to use portrait format you can use landscape if you want .

From the rules :

• A guideline is 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high, 300 DPI (portrait), or
3636 pixels wide and/or 2657 pixels high, 300 DPI (landscape)



TY Sven… I know (from today) this… but at the end I choose this one…


add a sky color and work on details… until now I work with most possible low poly structure… If I count all elements that I want to add I will be carefull to don’t load too much my geometries…



He… Julien… I’m so happy to see you here… as you see, I don’t progress in english, but you… I’ve understand all your story :scream: and I like…

I read the previous pages… and I prefer the second project… then, the second sketch when you change the picture size… the new concept is more original… I think…

And finally, you work very fast… I hope and I’m sure… you finish your entry this time…

Bonne chance à toi et surtout, bon courage… on est tous là à regarder ta réalisation et à te soutenir…

Keep it up :bounce:



LEMOG… I’m glad, honored and really happy to have a feedback from you ! What a wonderful suprize… many many thanks for your support!

When you talk about 2nd project you talk about the vertical one right… ?
I started now to model the destroyed building (we see the sketch modelling idea on the last small render), this will take more time, until now I try to fix my scene and ideas for composition and l’equilibre de l’image (pas top encore)… now the real modeling part start…
Did you come in the challenge ??? Tu participe ? In any case thank you so much and major up-date will comming soon; I work on it and I fight until the end…

Merci, c’est un plaisir de te “revoir”… on se rencontre jamais dans le forum (probablement on navigue sur des forums différent) et la franchement ça me touche beaucoup. À bientôt…

Julien :beer:


here some progress, any C&C in case are welcome… more detials will come…


coming along nicely :thumbsup:


here a detial of my crashed building… still WIP…


hey like this one very much! esspecial ship!
one thing just about this building, i think that ur first floors look unrealistic , because they are untouched as u can see… but in reality they are most damaged from rocks and everything …
i know that because i saw that here in 1999 when there was war in former Yugoslavia :frowning:


Hi markovicd, many thanks for your prescious tipp… I didn’t think about it.
I will build with an easy geometry for the ‘creashed’ elements and pose it on the floor so eventually some details will be not visible. And adjust some floor interesction that actyally I have on this wip.

Second bringing in consideration what you tell me I will see later if is beter to work using a Bump-map to put more details. I thinks is better that I don’t charge too much the actual geometry.

thanks so much !



I’m ok with you… the building is a little bit far… and too much details aren’t necessary… when the framing will be ok… you can add more details if some area are poor…

But think to the glasses… they’re “for the moment” cuting to cleanly… I think for a building in this state… all glasses are destroyed… no ?

Anyway… good starting… vivement la suite :bounce:


np mate ! :slight_smile:
always glad to help somebody… :smiley:


hee… yep for glasses now I simple copy the buldings main wall and made it thinner… but well your right Lemog… I thing no glasses can support a so violent shok… gosh :banghead: why I made only proprea architecture render all times?.. lol

ty for all this comment, they are really important for me !!!

and we see us at the next up-date :bounce: I’m work on it !!!



Bah… you can explain to the entire world that your glasses are in special synthetic plastic… breveted by you, with better resistance than concrete :scream: huhuhu


i came in here to say the same thing about the glasses :smiley:

and yeah, awesome modelling. looking forward to your work.


Very impressive! I agree about what’s been said about the glass, but the first thing that strikes me as odd is how cleanly cut the outer walls are. Fixing a more irregular edge would work wonders I think. Great work so far!