Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jason Nieuwendorp


jdsb: Thank you; no hard feelings from the other thread (sometimes it’s hard to determine online if a person is just talking or being critical over something). :slight_smile:

essencedesign & userBrian: Thanks guys. As I said in the Lightwave forum, it looks like a lot of us 'Wavers did pretty good in this Challenge (and actually finished). Cheers. :wink:


Noticed a lot of people uploading high-res versions of their entries on their threads, so I decided to do the same as well: :slight_smile:


Cool , thanks for sharing bud…very vibrant image for sure and a cool concept from the begining…nice to meet you here and thank you for the kind words in my thread as well. :thumbsup:


Just a few more close-ups from the original file. :slight_smile:


congrat for finish entry man! hope to see you again next challenge!:bounce:


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