Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jason Nieuwendorp


Well, I’m still alive for those of you who are curious. :slight_smile:

I’ve been (and still am) pretty busy with college assignments, so I haven’t had much time to work on my entry; what little time I’ve had free, though, I have been working on it. I’ve started work on the space scene, which I’ll be creating in Photoshop (creating nebulas is easier for me to do in PS rather than in 3D). Also, I’ve had to create a “fist” morph for the hands of my model (doing one with bones was causing a few weird problems); since this is a still rather than an animation, I don’t forsee any problems using this method.

I’ll probably have some new images on Saturday or Sunday. Till then, see you later. :thumbsup:


Wow, it’s been a while since I updated with anything important (I guess that’s what having to do final projects for college will do to you).

I’ve finally been able to start remodeling the male Enforcer model into a female version; females modeling isn’t a speciality of mine, so I’m studing up on the female form. The current model is really rough I admit, so any advice is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


The female Enforcer is nearly completed; only areas that remain to be fixed are the shoulders, knees, and breasts (still would like C&C on this, please).
I’ll start with final renders soon, as soon as I can create several varients of each Enforcer (after testing with Particle FXs, I think I’ll have to do aditional touch-up in PS to correct some of the “color” issues that keep coming up); I’ll also be writing up a more detailed version of the story in the next day or so as well.


Both the male and female Enforcers are completed; aside from some minor edits to give each Enforcer more of a individual appearence (so they don’t all look the same), the character modelling is complete.
I’ll start final renders soon. For the space enviroment, I currently plan on using 3D planets mixed with 2D space, but we’ll see how good I can get the planets looking as a 3D model (my skills are more in the 2D field).


…There is no way to say it better…I can only add that you work on cutting into some of the flesh,divide it up a little more.carve out some valleys,mostly around the triceps and the area where the shoulders meet the arms…round out the shoulders a touch more…It’s not far off by any means,it just in tweak mood,and what models are not even when there so called “Finished” …Just chip away,carve into that mesh,twist it around,look at refernces…In either case you are doing a nice job,and I appluad you for getting involved with this while in major studies,that is some great work ethic…and in the end it will pay off many times over…Just keep at this,even if you have to finish after the challenge,see this through to the end,get this done as you planned,that is very important…And carve into the models a touch more,tweak and carve,it’s close…Keep at it jason…I’ll keep a look out for your progesss…:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Glad to see some people are still interested in my work :slight_smile: ; recently I had to completely redo my final Photography project due to the photos being underexposed, which has been taking up more time then I want.

After looking over the models, I agree with Virtuoso’s comments: the muscles need to be more defined. So I whipped out my Dynamic Figure Drawing book and having another go at modeling the human form.


Hey that last image you have there looks really much better now, but i think you should fix a little the shoulder it seems to bee very big you are doing great work here keep it up:thumbsup:


I got you to get the old…“Dynamic Figure Drawing book out” …:cool: …Now your talking jason…I can see you have started to put some nice extra curves in…just keep chipping away and carve this bad boy up…define and contour…Nice,keep at it,it’ll be aces real soon…I’ll be watching jason…:arteest:


Would have posted an image of the tweaked version of the male leg right now, but… Lightwave crashed before I had a chance to save it. :sad: (evidently LW has a bug in which switching between Quad-View to Single-View and back causes the program to crash)

I haven’t yet tested the new “defined” areas of the model in Layout to see how it renders with the Luminousity and Transparancy, so maybe I’ll do that first before I start again on the leg.


YES… I am still alive and working on my entry. :smiley:

Haven’t been able to get far with finishing the tweaks to the models (what with having to finish the college semester assignments and then having family up, but I’m finally back into it. After recieving two new books (Lightwave 8 Lighting and Lightwave 8 Texture), I have learned a LOT about both topics and have gone back to rework the surfacing of the Enforcers.
I think I’ve got it pretty good as it is, although there are a few areas which would have to be touched up in Post.

The lighting, I’ve determined, is going to be an issue: because there is so little in the Defuse channel and so much in the Luminousity channel of the Surface of the model, having more than 2-3 lights is overkill (and increases render times).


Well, 11 days left and I have absolutely no idea if I’m going to be able to finish in time (I’m still going to work till the end, but I kinda doubt I’ll get it in by the deadline). :sad:

This hasn’t been a total loss, however; I’ve learn several new techniques and will continue to work on this piece till it’s finish.
Anyways, thanks to everyone who took the time to view my little WIP. :slight_smile:


Working on overdrive to get my entry finished by the 17th; doesn’t help that the first I rendered this scene, Lightwave rendered for 4-5 hours, then crashed on my :confused: (be nice if Newtek would release 8.2 NOW…)

Anyways, this is the start of the final image, with one of the “Rho Theta” Enforcers finished (more on that in a later post); rendered in LW with additional touchups in Photoshop. My plan is to get the characters rendered and finished first and do the background last (as a matte illustration).


hi there, just wanted to let u know that ur not alone:)! go Jason i know ull get this done!:thumbsup:
yup the time is short heheh for all of us i think:)!


Starting to get there, people. :smiley:

Finished the “Xi” Enforcer (red charcacters are “Xi” and purple are “Rho Theta”; more on that later). The biggest issue for me at this point is that Volumetrics takes FOREVER to render: I can render a character in less than an hour, but it takes 6-7 hours just to render the particles (which is sad, cause my computer is rather high-end). :confused:

Next renders will be of a female Xi Enforcer and her “victim”. :wink:


Still working on overdrive to finish by next week (should be fun…). The colors of the dying Enforcer might have gotten oversaturated, so I’ll have to take a look at that. Currently rigging a Xi and Rho Theta Enforcer “dueling”, in addition to working on the planets.


Hey Jason,
Nice to see you working on this again:), keep working at it you still have time. Good luck with the contest.


Nice tweaking session Jason.get this to the finishline now.You put some nice effort inthis and took some nice steps forward,Best to you,and great to see people actually finish what they started…:arteest:


I think I’m done with the “detail” character renders (that is, the renders which required high quality and large resolutions); now the only things left are the “far away” characters (since they’re going to be off in the distance and not really visible, i don’t have to render the same way I did for the previous renders), the planets (which I’m working on now), and the space background (which will be done in Photoshop).

My current plan is to finish the entire entry around Saturday morning/afternoon, followed by getting it up on FTP Saturday night and all of Sunday (since I’m on dial-up, I figure it will take a while to upload).
Looks like I’ll be able to finish in time after all. :slight_smile:


Just testing out a few ideas on rendering a planet. Since I don’t think using image maps will work (well, I did try, but the final result looked kinda crappy…) I’m using procedural textures to create the planet, by studying several tutorials and pages on the subject; the results turned out pretty good, I think (although I’ll have to do a few additional tests before I decide on using this method for my entry).


Hey Jason,
The planet is looking good :thumbsup: , maybe you could add a bit of an atmosphere to the planet since it has lots of water on it. I uploaded my final to the ftp and it seemed to take a long time, so I would leave lots of room . It will probably take longer than you think to upload. Good luck .