Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: jan harcarik


AAARRGH ! that’s one great battle scene ! :thumbsup:


This is my last update. Thanx guys for comments, you helped me a lot. challenge like this is exhausting but wonderful experience for me and major booster in my skills. i wish good luck to everyone who entered this contest.
Turbinea out.


congratz mate CRAZy massive picture! Awsome!



Congratulations…I’m shocked…amazing!



Hey JAn,
Very cool image. It looks like a great illustration, and that is a good thing.
I enjoy the colors and composition.
The only thing I find a little funny is the poor girl with no armor.

otherwise great work.


Amazing!!! I can’t explain how wonderful it looks. Great detail, sense of action, and visuals. Congratulations on finishing your entry, Good luck! :slight_smile:


nice battle! very cool pic, congrats!


Splendid modeling and FX!!!:thumbsup:
Cool image!


That reminds me of the box art on a pack of Warhammer 40000 Space Marines from years ago… only better!

Great stuff.


This is awesome. My pick for Grand Prize for sure. Great Job! :bounce:


Thanx guys for your generous comment. It’s nice to see my work is not so bad as i thought occasionally in past few months. I want to thank again to all who helped me with useful comments and kind words. Many thanx to Mibus who fixed my screwed upload.
And best luck to all contestants.


WOW! realy nice final image!!! :eek:
and great girl model :twisted:




very great this piece.
I like it.
good LOOK…
good luck…


Impressive battle scene… and anothe thread that I miss until now… tubinea really congrats for this scene… is amazing :eek: + :applause:



hi there my south neighbour! I see that you have a real hell there as well as I. I like this sort of confusion when the eyes cannon rest:) Good luck!


Very good work. My favorite one.


:thumbsup: Great work:thumbsup:
Very massive robots (fantastic texturing on robot)


Very good approach for the theme of the contest !
I like everything - composition, characters, motion, and the flames ! I like how you did the compositing.


Great job. I only wish for more distinctly different objects in the scene. You did a fantastic job on what you did detail. Good luck in the finals.


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
Greate action capture shot !