Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: jan harcarik


Now this is a lot of detail, looks great. Kinda reminds me of some of the older Heavy Metal mag covers. Could probably loose the four blobby ship things sitting above the pile of troopers, wouldn’t even notice they were gone and would help with the eye flow.


here is scene with updated lightning, girl has new pose and some raybeams. i’m not completely sure about these raybeams. maybe problem is that pose doesn’t reflect using that beams properly. i fix it tommorow, after short collapse (formerly known as sleep). in meantime you could tell me about presence of these beams. should i keep it or remove it and put there something else instead?


NO, dobre si to namakal stym ohnom. Len ten lavy luc mi tam fakt nesedi.
Ale si naozaj vazna konkurencia. Musim pridat. Xel som aj ja ist kolabovat, ale ked ty takto;-)
Hned startujem maxa a photoshop.


thats awsome, but I do agree that her pose is a little unnatural looking, real nice though


How i missed this one…looks really nice man! very good job!:thumbsup:


Amazing, I wish had even half of your skills! I have no crits whatsoever about this. I would give awards to this one :applause:


Comments needed here…


thanx guys for positive comments. it keeps me from falling apart. here is updated scene. only major change is firefx in girl’s hands instead of blue lasers. what you think? which way is better - fire or laser?


Hadn’t looked in on this for a wee bit and I’m glad to see you’ve toned down the background and taken some elements out, so please don’t go adding any more ships, planets, etc :slight_smile: - the foreground grabs your attention much better now without the eye wandering.

I agree about the girl, she is a bit unconcerned looking, maybe if you turn her head and tilt it a little so she is more in profile and looks like she is looking down her arm and focusing on her firing it might giver her more agression?

Looking good though, hope these comments help you and good luck :slight_smile:


Wow! what an amazing progress have you make here Jan, I like your image a lot, it has a great space opera felling … I have just one little crit: in my honest opinion, the sunlight is to bright, and we cannot see the background of the scene very good … just my opinion …
Good luck man, I’ll look foward to your great work …


wow,this most definitely has that grand space opera feeling .A sense of scale,color,perspective and motion and not the "too many characters,ships will make it look amazing " look ;):wip::slight_smile:
I think you have delivered ,which is more important than a fan base or too many replies trend or lets be gay trend one can see everywhere.
good luck


love the modeling and concept. However, it’s difficult to visually separate the soldiers. They kind of all blend together. Your composition should be very strong, even if you squint. (The more traditional rule is that your character compositions should work if seen only in profile.)

Anyhow, one way to fix this might be to use photoshop to slightly alter the colors of each soldier. That way you have a better chance at visually separating them.



thanx for comments and heplful hints. here is next update: girl has hair now and is looking down at enemies (yes mistermac, it was heplful, thanx). bots are more separated by lightning. emonimo, unfortunately that sunlight stays as it is now, i’m sorry but it has to be that way. less light means more contrast background and therefore less focus on front group.


That’s feeling a lot better. You’re getting more separation of the chracters and your lighting is working really well now. I love the addition of magical powers to the female character, helps to pull her out as well.

The flames are a nice addition… this looks like a heck of a battle!


almost final image. few tweaks here and here but mostly minor things. if you can help me , help me now plz. time is really running out. thanx guys


Ked mam pravdu povedat, tak je to velmi dobre, nejake velke chyby nevidim. Uz teda len cakat ako to zabere na porotu. Btw:mrkni na moju, prave som updatol.


No Crit! Excellent pic :)!!!


this is it. hope you like it.
i want to thank to all people ho commented and helped me. this challenge was truly something.


Yes, I like it a lot. Most intense battle scene award.:buttrock:And a great girl.


Great pic, with more details, the mech are particulary good is an action pic, very great work i like it good luck


and that is what I call a battle scene:) my congratulations!