Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: jan harcarik


victor throe, i agree with you it is wiser, but on the other side I plan to use multiple instancies of that robot in various poses so it needs biped or something. And it is my habit from creating game content.


ah yes

and the same for the other character?


i plan to show female character from front, maybe frontright :), so there is no need for details on back. i couldn’t resist to do some details on her ass and legs :shrug: but i keep it simple. And still need to do rigging because i’m not sure about her pose.


Wow your design looks great and i love the detail in the model. Great sense of proportion too. Can’t wait to see more of your stuff.:thumbsup:


arm and powerglove is finished


another shot


worked on head this afternoon.


Crazy, it seems that you’re a talented modeler and you got an opportunity to show your skills but what about the idea and the environement, those characters are cool very high detailed, hope we could see a great work like that on the environement part, i’m looking forward :slight_smile:


thanx Cipher, you can see enviroment sketch here . these characters are just placeholders for models. Grey are bots and red is female character i work on just now. i need to model guns for them before i move to enviroment modeling.


i think the head is done. in fact whole figure is completed. hope you like it. Any C&C are appreciated.




complete character


this is just weaponry modeling test. maybe more advanced gun “systems” like lasers or particle guns fit better to these robots. what you think?


this is first textured parts of main character. it is hard to notice but face texture is based on face of sandra bullock. chest is not.


really like the woman model, and his armor, but I don´t like too much the bullets of the soldiers gun´s, believe you could remove it, they look like blasters-guns… but, it´s your scene :wink:


I think the head of the girl is too small compared to the rest of the body.


>stefgrafx - these bullets is just idea or test - to achieve more military, violent feel, you know something like desperados or commandos. maybe some energy wires/pipes fits there better.

>azazel - head IS little bit smaller than normal, i used comic books proportion instead of real life. i want create some hair for her and if this problem still shows up in final composition i’ll fix it, thanxs for help

thanx guys for comments


finally finished this one. C&C are welcome.


nasty !!! :drool:

I think she wouldn`t be so clean if she was wearing that rusty/used armour … otherwise - very good texturing job

… also Id like to see the texture or a screenshot of that armours mapping … I`m really curious how you mapped such a complex object …


hectic, here is shot of uv’s and bump map. creating uv for this armor was really nightmare because of its complexity, otherwise nothing new here. what was new to me i had to consider max’s smoothing “feature” - if i leave some uvs disconnected it creates texture artifacts on smoothed faces. this is why is most of it as one piece except of back, wing and collar. if i could arrange them as i wanted to it would take much less space.