Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: jan harcarik


Hi there! Bot is finally completed. Creating UVW maps will be nightmare but it must be done. Maybe I take some rest from this character and will create some proper concept scetches. Anyway, C&C is welcome.


whooo! so much details i like it alot! :slight_smile:
how do you build this thing?
what kind of software do you use? would be nice to know more about the story.
and i wish you good look :slight_smile:



one thing… why didnt you fixed the UV map before you added all the details?
that would be much easier.


PaulGfx you are right about UVs, but this bot was made as improvisation mostly (3ds max), so there wasn’t any preparations or planing for this model. It is something like I’m buying some time to think about scene and story. Just doing model i’m sure it fits there. I know roughly what it have to be, but want to find best composition for this.


Nice detail on the bot model . Looking forward to see how you will itegrate him in your concept .
Good luck !

My thread :


Started new model, nothing interesting right now, but i hope it will turn out nicely because it will be main character on the scene.


BTW, did you see the Episode 3 teaser? I think it’s f*****g amazing!!! :bounce:


Really like the bot, nice amout of detail. Waithing for some cool consepts to look at.



Finally got to the scanner and scanned main character and gun for robot.


small update


nice modellin’ turby! keep goin’nice sketch too!


thanx Jaba. Feedback always helps.


Spend day working on torso, assigned few simple colored materials. Just to see what it looks like. Not completely happy, but experiments with colors have to wait untill i finish modeling stage.


Nice detales on the boots!

Can´t really se so much of the torso so no coment on that yet.



sorry mr_carl, forgot upload second pic.


Here is close shot of chest and armor. it needs more edges for meshsmooth, but you can see what i wanted to do.


HI Jan! i se progress here too :slight_smile: nice nice nice, nothing much more to say, than
i am looking forward to se more of her face :slight_smile:



Nice figure, now THAT’S sci-fi. Concept can come anytime.:twisted:

my 3d GSO entry


Thanx guys for comments.
>> PauGfx, face is scheduled for weekend because i want to pay speciall attention to it.
>>yes, userBrian, that’s kind of SCIFI i like. :slight_smile:


i really like your robot

why are you building your characters in generic poses.

since this is a still, would it not be wiser to model the characters in the possition they will be seen in

not only would you be able to achieve a nicer feel for the deformations but you wouldnt waste so much time modelling details that wont be seen…

unless of course you are going to have multiples of the same character and you need to skin em