Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: jan harcarik


jan harcarik has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: STRING EMPIRE AND LAST STARBURNER v1.01

This is my last update. Thanx guys for comments, you helped me a lot. challenge like this is exhausting but wonderful experience for me and major booster in my skills. i wish good luck to everyone who entered this contest.
Turbinea out.


here is my rough 3d sketch of galactic warrior.


Nice start. Do you have some concept sketches at all? It would be helpful to know where you’re going with this. Well good luck to you, and keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


Thanks. This bot is improvisation mostly, workin on it while figuring out overall sketch and composition. It is in my head but there is some problem with transfering it on paper :slight_smile:


finished rough scetch of bot. next step is detailing and polishing.


robots looking good, waiting for details and a sketch of the concept. That will probably be very important, what if you spend all this time modeling a robot and it doesn’t work in the concept illustrations? Anyway, good luck.


wow very nice start
is the final model going to be smoothed?


THX Hie Spike, there is no concept for this bot yet, and i’m not sure if any will show up because i imagined it “on the fly”. I’m now focusing on basic setup of scene so hopefuly i could avoid problems, thanx for hint.

Dark-elf2, it won’t be smoothed if you mean meshsmooth used in boxmodeling. I plan use smoothing groups only, so i can achieve machinery feel from that character. Chest and thigh are smoothed that way, it is still without any detail but you see what i mean. There’ll be another character (woman to be exact) and there i want use boxmodeling (and smoothing).


Interesting modeling style, almost looks like you’re chipping away bits and pieces like working from stone.

Model is looking good - can’t wait to see a concept sketch and find out what this guys all about! :wink:


turbinea, before you polish the character be sure what your scene will look like. Is that bot is going to be on foreground? Is it really going to be on the picture? I mean, first think hardly about the scene scetch and then go to the details once you are satisfied with the composition as such.
That is my opinion. I also did the way you’re doing now but then come lot of questions how to organize the scene nice way. You can discard my opinion if that bot is going to be for sure the main character of your scene.
And good luck!


Hello guys, basic setup of scene is finally copmpleted and now you can see this character will be defintely on foreground (silvergreen figures). Also did small progress on Bot, all parts are smoothed now, next step are details. Background needs lot of work but you can see what I want to accomplish enviromentaly speaking. What you can’t see there is heavy firefight between silvergreens and small Dots and Tanks and Planes in Distance. What do you think?




No response? That’s sad. Maybe this update showing some details on torso make you tell me what you think. :slight_smile:




head is done, hand under construction


i thnk the robot is very nice and well moddeled
its gona look so cool at the end


It looks very promising. I like the style very much and I think it will turn out great when you start enhancing those details.


THe concept sketch for some reason reminds me of the silver hawks…don’t ask why?! :slight_smile: Looking good, and that robot better be like in the foreground! it’s so detailed…good luck


Thanx guys for your comments. Finished modeling on arms, now working on legs.


Legs are done.