Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Hey James,

Your image looks very cool and crisp as well, the POV is great.Too bad you couldn’t do all you intended with the image.
Good Luck .


flyingP - Indeed… but I actually have a package of minced pig in the fridge… if that counts :shrug:

m@ - Yeah, definitely helped a lot. Glad to hear there’s some detectable evolution as well… as long as there’s progression, there’s also hope I guess :smiley:

markovicd - Sometimes things go wrong… but I did finish though :stuck_out_tongue: - Myeah, I’m not easy to keep track of…

DimitrisPotatos - Righto… I have to pick up my UT from the post office. It arrived this friday, but I haven’t bothered to fetch it yet :blush:

1stAngel - Damn it, long time no see! And thanks :thumbsup: Hope you’re doing OK with everything, man.

mmoir - Thanks… it’s like your title says: win some, lose some…


ahahahah DIMI!! I’ve seen you in a lot of threads recently and it looks like u’ve totaly lost urself now! go take a nap, then to the doctor! :eek:


dude… you made it…
when you said you were quitting, I was like… awww crap ;(

congratulations man, excellent work


Sleep deprivation will do that to most people… and he seems to have a very low tolerance towards female avatars as well…

Versiden, thanks man, I totally love your final btw… it definitely stands out from the crowd :thumbsup:


Finally you post your final image!! :bounce:
Thanks for that, it’s one of my favorite!! :thumbsup:
You’ve done an execellent work, and it’s an impressive final image!!

Goog luck for the jury!!

Your image it’s in my top 5!!!

Cheers!!! :beer:


It looks like a stormy day for those guys, great work man, I love the amount of detail you put throught your entire project. Great flow, and good luck in the judging. Until next time…keep up the great work!


Way to go on finishing, James. And it’s a great image, too. :applause:


OOOhhhh that wiley wabbit!

What a Hollywood finish indeed…last 9/10 ths of a second to go.
Well, all I can say is perfectyisimo! Noooooo, not to dark! Just the
touch of scary mood this dramatic epic moment deserves!
And I was writing the GSO Beer Drinking song with lines about Fluffians
anyway, as we all know you are a big,BIG,BIG part
of this challenge,
so I’m glad you finished! Egads! This means we enter the next one?

my 3d GSO entry



very great this piece.
I like it.
good LOOK…
good luck…


absolutely agree james !!!


Hey James! were’nt you giving up?!!! I really thought that you would’nt be able to finish you image.

I’m very glad you manage to end it. It looks awesome. Great job my friend. Best of luck.


haha man, i missed your final as well :slight_smile: Came out nice, especially considering the time :wink: - but more uniform color palette and slight texture overlay would help to tie things together more. Gradient Map adjustment layer, in varius blending modes can do wonders… :slight_smile:


Hey, what a nice supplies.
Congrats for finishing your entry. I like the mood of your entry.
And good luck with the horrors of the upcoming voting procedure to you as well :smiley:



SuperXCM - He he thanks, I’m happy to hear that

||) |V| |^| - Thanxors… and yes, until next time :deal:

artemesia66 - Yeah, I simply had to try… thanks.

sumawut sookvamdee - Righto.

jddog - Bloody hell… no wok for me? :stuck_out_tongue:

claudio_jordao - I finally gave up on the whole giving-up idea…

azazel - Good points, and I really should have spent more time in post, but there you go…

Russel_Nash - I’m really glad you like it - and yes, the horrors await likewise


James, I LOVE IT!!! I knew you’d finish it :scream:
Ultra unique artwork my friend! I hope it’ll go high up in the final results.
Love your ideas!!!

see you soon dude:beer:


James, the lighting and the mood in your image are so nice. Its like Im beeing there.
And the huge, huge spaceships near those little houses. Cooooool.
I like it a lott!!!
Congratulations James!!! :applause: :applause:
Good luck in the judging round!! :thumbsup:


Great work JamesMK.

You definately have a great style. It very much appeals to my tastes. I love the composition of this piece not to mention the concept itself. Great work and good luck.


great work, james.
the atmosphere on your image is stunning. you won my vote. :thumbsup:



thank you very much for efforts for me friend.Vote is now opening I AM THERE