Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Hi James!
i am really glad U made it!

Impressive comeback :applause: :applause: !


Wow great image ! One of my favourite ! A great thanks to you ! You give us a great final !


WOW man! You final made it! :thumbsup: Glad to see those elements glued together on such a complete scene!

It was a real pleasure lurking around your thread…quite some time I got some “WOW” and inspiration also some great laughs! Nice watching and knowing you through these 3 months…:slight_smile:

Best wishes on your entry! :slight_smile:


ace4016 - Maybe they’ll show up again somewhere… I’ll resume work on my short again in a week or so, and they might be included…

keetmun - Thanks, I’m glad the lighting works… that’s actually one thing that wasn’t rushed since I had it set up already before christmas

vrf - Thanks a lot :thumbsup:

Climax - Well, I’d rather be a rat than a deserter :smiley:

flyingP - Hmm… at least it’s not a pig :stuck_out_tongue:

Lemog - Lets wish us both good luck (and everyone else of course)

taavi - Thanks

gpepper - You’re welcome :smiley:

terraarc - If I have indeed induced some ‘wows’, laughs and even inspiration I’m more than happy about my work here :beer:


What happened: Y’all remember christmas, right? Well, two days after christmas eve I started working on some VFX for a music video, as I mentioned. Not unexpectedly, this took more time than planned. Aside from that, I had no less than three games for my new PC and additionally my bastard brother gave me a PS2 with GTA Vice city for christmas, and I guess you can simply do the math there…

Once I got the impulse to haul my ass back to the GSO entry, I just couldn’t make myself open the files even. Too much time had passed between me and the last time I touched the nodes and fluffians… Usually I like to stay in “the flow” by working on a project every single day, at least for a few hours - but this time I totally lost contact with this.

During the last few days, I’ve been peeking at the countdown on the submission page… going from 5 days left… nah, it can wait… 4 days… sheesh, I don’t feel like it… 3 days… hmm… I can still do it… 2 days - - - Not until it said “5 hours, 30 minutes” I got an irresistible urge to finish it off :smiley:

So, there you have it.

Thanks yet again to all of you following my progress, posters and lurkers alike, and best of luck to all ye challengers waiting for the final voting and jury decisions :beer:



I’m happy to see that you’ve finished! Your flufians are most pleasant creatures here:) Maybe only fellah’s dudes make my smile a bit bigger:) You made a nice end in a such a short time. Congratulations! I wish you best


Originally Posted by JamesMK
[i]Once upon a time there was an englishman, an american and a japanese guy who all ended up on an otherwise uninhabited island in the south pacific.

  • I wanna be the president of this here island, said the american.

  • Well, the I want to be the prime minister, said the englishman.

The japanese guy couldn’t make up his mind about what he wanted to be though, and the englishman suggested that he could simply be in charge of the supplies. He happily accepted this, and everyone went on with their business.

After a few days it was apparent that the japanese had somehow disappeared. Neither the englishman or the american had seen him around. But then, as they were strolling down the beach, the japanese suddenly jumps out from behind a tree and screams:

  • Supplies!![/i]


hey most cool that u finished your pic ! looks good :thumbsup:


Glad to see you found time to finish - it turned out really good - congrats!

A real nice supplies! :slight_smile:


your image is very representative! I like so much! Cheer!:thumbsup:


Hey, you made it! Congratulations! For a rush job it really turned out good. Maybe a bit too dark/dull but I’m totally impressed that you pulled it off and with such a great image!

Hur kul som helst :slight_smile:



Heyhey hey, look whose joined the party! :slight_smile: Congrats mate on finishing, heh, nice image btw :applause:


:buttrock: yessss what I discover… you post the final haaaa… :bounce: excellent !!!

congrats nitro wabbit is really a cool image… not a probs that is a finished unfinished works, image rocks !!! :applause:



I like the image you have made here it looks very deep.Good work :thumbsup: and good luck!


Okidoki, the wabbit is hopping again…:bounce: is this a final unfinalized final or a finished finalized one or an in between finalized unfinished one… ???
I love it from the beginning,… and yes especially the japanese flair of the fluffian houses ;-)))

…and as Lemog mentioned: another hardcore(d) artist…aaaahh i feel small, no, smaller …anyway- really a powerful, amazing work as always:applause:

best wishes, mate for all u wish for and certainly the voting:buttrock:


arturro - Glad you like it, and yeap, Fellah’s definitely grabs the first slot for funny characters :smiley: (which includes many of the posters in his thread as well incidently)

Squibbly thingie - Thanx mate… I’m really happy to have it over and done with

Gunilla - Yep, a final supplies was in order me thinks

flaeticia - Good to hear, tres bon!

Cartesius - Yeah, but then it turned out that the deadline was extended… but there’s no way I’m fixing anything now :smiley: Agree with the dark/dull point, but I figure it’s needed to illustrate how depressing this day was for the fluffian civilisation :lightbulb

Kaksht - Yep, couldn’t let all you guys party on without me :smiley:

jddog - Thanks buddy, considering the circumstances, I’m satisfied with the result.

blackdragoncg - Thanks a lot. I like that comment a lot.

Saschi0815 - It’s officially a unfinished finalized finished image… Whatever that means :scream: And you have absolutely no reason whatsoever to feel small here… Your work has been top notch from start to finish, dude.

.:: some more thoughts ::.

I really have to say that it seems that once again this challenge has been the greatest of learning experiences. Perhaps I learned most by watching Fellah and m@ working through the pre-visualization phase in a very effective way, and I’ve humbly adapted this workflow myself - focusing on the big picture using simple proxies and/or low-poly representations of the final objects and taking care of the overall scene layout in an early stage of the work.

For this particular entry I could have started the previs even earlier, since I did actually complete the nodes before moving on to the layout… but that’s something to remember for my next projects to come. This approach makes it really easy to set up and tweak lights and everything, and it ensures that all efforts contribute to the final result instead of miniscule things that in the end do not add anything to the image.

In fact, there’s no way I could have made this rush finish in less than five hours if I had not already set up the scene and lights the way I did during the lengthy layout phase of my WIP phase.

So, my special thanks and appreciation go out to Fellah and m@ for showing their superior workflow (I’m sure there are other who have worked the same way of course, but I fear that there are zillions of threads I haven’t been following that closely).


your loss :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m glad to hear that my entry helped you ! (hehe it wasn’t totally vain :smiley: )

You’ve got a great picture there, the vertical composition is lovely, and gives a real threatening feeling.
On a side note , it’s awesome to see how the accustomed cgchallengers’ work is evolving, challenge after challenge.
See you in the next one, and good luck with the voting.


well… it is raelly retarded because u didnt finish


ow i miss your thread again …when did you start …i am so gladd to see you finish the jib
great james nice…:applause:


Yup indeed …especially when they bring to us so many SUPPLIES that have owrked in such a PIG style m@ …u are a good FELLAH …wabbit :scream::scream::scream:

Awesome wabbit …hope to see u in next one and also in a UT2K server soon…:twisted:


Looks quiet awesome, great to see i MISSED much, and good work keeps goin! best luckk mate and rock em’ all!!!:scream: