Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


I rendered three layers here:

  1. The foreground with the closeup node and the fluffians. All this in multipass mode to give me access to all lights separated on individual layers in the resulting PSD-file along with several alpha channels for the layer masks.

  2. The mid and background layer with the far-away nodes and stuff

  3. Some pyrocluster steam/smoke for the engine exhaust/vapor thingie


Well, here it is.

Had a few moments to spare tonight, and it felt really wrong to celebrate my fourth consecutive challenge with a non-completed entry - so I gave it a final push.

I had so much more planned for this, but somehow it feels better to join the happy bunch of challengers with a final image posted :slight_smile:

All the best to all ye weirdos out there!


bet your gonna get into trouble for that one :smiley:

oh and…BRAVO :applause:


very nice camera placement.One of the images that is stronger in concept and overall execution…goodluck


hahaha shit, I missed my “bet” the last hours! only 1 out of 3…
I’m still happy though. it’s great to see you finished it and over my expectations, well done james.


it’s a pity you could not do more.

But the pics is already very, very good. I like it :applause:


SUPPLIES ! u little fluffian owrk :scream::bounce::bounce:…WELL DONE…u finally owrked on this and gave us a SUPPLIES …:D…oh u are in deep shit with this joke…hahahahah

Well done James…



Well, just to balance things a bit, here’s a joke about a swede instead:

A swedish road-worker was hired to paint the line that goes down the center of the road.
The first day he managed to paint 2 kilometers, and his boss was very pleased. The next day he only painted 200 meters, but his boss thought that he’d probably started off too hard on the first day.

But on the third day he was only able to paint 20 meters. The boss called him into the office and demanded an explanation.

  • “Well, you see it’s getting so darn far to walk all the way to the paint bucket,”




My god, something kind of subtle from you. It’s actually kind of sublime (whatever that means). Nice!


Not sure, but I think it’s another word for ‘lame’ :smiley:


hi James…im happy u decided to finish this one…are u planning to add more things in a near future?

well any way…you always have a special touch in your works and rock the house everytime u show up in a challenge!..well done James…cya in the next one!


“inhibited, suppressed, repressed” – yes, that’s what I meant, you’re work is always so inhibited and repressed!

wait, no, that’s “sublimation”, nevermind


rattlesnake - Theoretically I could come back to it and add the missing bits, but I know myself well enough to say that it probably won’t happen :smiley:

markw7 - Whatever… I’ve got a pretty good idea, and I like that comment actually. Sublime as opposed to way-too-much-in-your-face… It’s all good. :thumbsup:


It looks good for an unfinished finidhed entry. Hope to see the fluffians once again after this horrible event (but they should be use to it).


Jeez! That’s one hell of an image…really like the lighting on this one. Cheers!



Great idea and composition. I think your attention to the angle and camera placement is one of the best in this challenge. I like the toon feel, too. Congrats on finishing, and good luck in the judging.

Can’t wait to see this printed in Expose 3.



• James, u know? I dropped by to tell you are a desertor…and I find This???, Were you waiting until the final?
I am glad u finished anyway:thumbsup: :thumbsup: and with honors and eye candy…
…but I also believe you should change your avatar for a rat :smiley:


no that’s the new avatar :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so happy James… finally… you make your come back… with a strong manier… :thumbsup:

I like your picture… you keep the spirit of the wip… that’s a so good thing… Fluffians for president :banghead:

Damn… an another great challenger here… that will be harder for us now… :scream: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Well… Good luck to you wabbitMan… :bounce: