Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


I hope you finsih this after the challenge is done and you have more time. Wish you could have finished this for the challenge though (unless your just playing a joke on us <- wishful thinking). Hope you get to finish next time.


Nah, no joke I’m afraid. There is a slight chance I might be able to pull off some sort of last-two-days marathon finish thingie here, but that depends a lot on the availability of industrial strength coffee and a huge amount of luck :shrug:


ships some coffee and a four leaf clover to bunny :thumbsup: there u go


Forget drinking coffee, we need to inject a lot of it straight into yor veins, you’ll be full of caffine for months and you’ll be able to finish:scream: .


Whats the deal with quitting? Man, I hope you have some seriously wonderful things going on to drop the ball on the 1 yard line… please finish, even if you don’t for the contest, this was definantly a great entry!


Too bad you will not be able to finish this one, James, it was one of my favourites. Hope you will continue working on it, though!



Welll if it counts for ya at all…i am hoping for that at least… :bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce:

Your Friendly Bubble… :bounce:


Forget drinking coffee, we need to inject a lot of it straight into yor veins

yea this werks , good ole trick , i know


great machines.:thumbsup:

wOuld you like to see my 2D Challenge works & CONCEPT DESİNGS


explains your avatar at least squibbit :slight_smile:


I like the layers layout concept. Very nice. Now the shadow on engines is much sharper, darker, better.


explains your avatar at least squibbit :slight_smile:

found out,hehehe


Sad to know that… your work was really excellent… anyway you have all my support :thumbsup:



Good luck :scream: :thumbsup: :applause:


Hi James, whats goin’ on??? what a wonderful entry and what sad ending near the finishing line…No,no I can’t accept that…Is no chance more to do a final???

bbuuuuuaaaaäääääääääääähhhhhhh,please change your mind, mate:bounce: :banghead: :wip:

…best wishes, man, take care!


Indeed …Saschi0815 is right…but i think my friend tha he must have a greater and very good reason no to continue on this…although i hope he will continue this piece…:bounce:


busy hiding under the bed as I understand it :wise:

and WTF is going on with this server?? :banghead:


:curious:…curious to leran more…hmmm …c’mon Watson …we have a mystery to solve…(lights his Pipe on the way out :D)


the answer lies in Squibbits thread Sherlock


Once upon a time there was an englishman, an american and a japanese guy who all ended up on an otherwise uninhabited island in the south pacific.

  • I wanna be the president of this here island, said the american.

  • Well, the I want to be the prime minister, said the englishman.

The japanese guy couldn’t make up his mind about what he wanted to be though, and the englishman suggested that he could simply be in charge of the supplies. He happily accepted this, and everyone went on with their business.

After a few days it was apparent that the japanese had somehow disappeared. Neither the englishman or the american had seen him around. But then, as they were strolling down the beach, the japanese suddenly jumps out from behind a tree and screams:

  • Supplies!!