Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Hey James, what is this thing I’m reading here?.. You’re leaving the challenge? Come man, don’t do this to me… I mean… to us. :sad:


Ah - that’s really to bad… good luck with your other projects!


Fan vad synd.

I was relly looking frvard to se the endresult of this fluffy storry and now I will never know how it ends :sad:.





ok…friend…u made a great work with this one…is going to be better than some finished ones just like it is!

so cya for the next one…be ready for more action mate!


…aaaaarrggghhhhh:eek: … :sad: :sad: …but then again my Friend u can finish this and post in gallery section…i am sure that it will be top Quality…and u can work on it with no stress…look at us with our red eyes and shaky hands from too much coffee :smiley: :smiley:

It’s a pitty u really had too much potential to go all the way to the top with this!!!..

Be well James… :slight_smile:


Hey there James. Damn its a shame to see You not finishing this challange… Yours was one of the best here… Still, hope to see it in the finished 3d gallery after the challange.
Good luck to You! :slight_smile:


I am very sorry to hear that. :sad:

Hope to see you again in the next challenge.



Good news for the Fluffians, bad news for us. Good luck with whatever else you have on the go. :slight_smile:


I believe it is called ‘Half Life’ if I am not too much mistaken :smiley:


:cry: James… you can’t do that :banghead:


oh noes, and this was shaping up to be a good 'un.

Finish it anyways mate, we’d all love to see the finished piece.


• Come on James, Lets Finish it, you are almost done, aren’t you?


Don’t tell me…ahahahahah :scream: …now with the new pc he went and bought half -life 2?..hahahahahahhaahha :thumbsup: :thumbsup: …go get Unreal Tournament 2004… :wink: too :bounce:


Hope You will finish fluffy villge later :slight_smile: This is definitely one of the best projects here and fluffians deserve honourable place in cgtalk gallery! :applause: :applause: :applause:


I believe it is called ‘Half Life’ if I am not too much mistaken :smiley:

ggrrnnaaarrgh , and mine’s Silent Storm !!! but I can be without it… i can …


ohhh! not another unfinish entry! well, that’s life. wish you luck.


Welll…things happen sometimes that are way stronger than us! :slight_smile: (Just got my “HL2”)

A pity you couldn’t rip those fluffians out but…I bet the fluffians are happy as you said…

In any way waiting for the Fluffians overtake later on CGTalk!! :thumbsup:


ah shit that’s shitty… but, all bad things bring something good, 2 out of 3 so far.
Dimi, if u quit we can split the money for the 3/3 win, huh?

hoep u finish it sooner or later James. good luck with the other things you’re wokring on.


ah… :frowning: this is becoming sad… so manny people = quit :frowning:


I’m :cry:

I still hope you will have time to finish this later. was really one of my favorites entries