Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


• Merry Christmas Wabbit!



Best wishes :slight_smile:



You have some really impressive work done here :eek:. I like the Fluffians. :bounce:



psssst… u have to come back u know …some of us are waiting to tease a wabbit ya know :scream: :bounce:


Oi guys… I’m really really busy with the other project :hmm: I don’t expect to be back on the challenge until after new years eve actually.

Oh, btw, Squibbit: it’s a video for a swedish band called ‘Fake Moss’… I did some work on their previous video as well, and now it’s time for a second go :thumbsup:


Good luck man…we 'll be waiting… :bounce:


Oh, btw, Squibbit: it’s a video for a swedish band called ‘Fake Moss’…

oh I’m just glad it ain’t for Dimi phew

thanks for the name tho , just listening to the audio takes from their homepage …
the couple of songs I’ve heard so far are decent music :slight_smile:


:bounce: :beer: :bounce:

I know u are away but anyway, I hope everything goes well with your other project!! :thumbsup:


Happy Neay Year 2005 James… for you and your loves ones… and come back quickly… I need to heard something of you… :scream:


Squibbit … U are a little bastard with wings…He is lying …the video he is working on is for me …:scream::scream:…hhahahah …Happy new Year

@ James-WABBIT-Crazy Swidish- Biard Squirrel Killer Punk…we miss your houmor man…finish that video…u have an entry to finish too…and Happy new year to u and your family…and your dog ! :bounce:


hello James,

i hope you all the best with that endeavor…and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Happy new years James, and hope you get back soon and finish, the fluffians need you.


hey james where r u …come back mate …
happy happy new year:twisted: =$$$


Happy new year, Mr.WABBIT

Best wishes for the new year. Let the carottes grow:beer::beer::beer:


Wishing the best on this year arrived!! :thumbsup:

ps:just a happy new year post… :slight_smile:


Nice tones on the nodes. Happy new year. C’mon out of your wabbit hole…:slight_smile:

my GSO 3d entry


very cool concept, want to see the final comp. keep on going, I like it.


Yeah, well, er…

You know the drill. And it’s not subject to negotiation this time.

Thanks everybody for your excellent support though, and may your final renders run smoothly like the bottoms of small infants. The fluffians are happy about this though, because it means they will not be massacred by the evil neuronomicon invasion force after all, and can happily continue growing their potatoes in peace.

:buttrock: 'til next time

(oh, and full score to Fellah for realizing this before I even did so myself :smiley: )


why is the shadow on the right down engine so wavy and crispy??


I’m really sorry to hear that. You had such a great concept going. Would still love to see it if you can squeeze it out. :sad: