Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


We died then :banghead:


…now that u mention it …YES…true…if he can do all this cool stuff with that coffe machine…think what he will do with the new PC…damn…!

wait Lemog…don’t do that alone …i am coming …arghh :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


alritey!!.. now thats what m talking abt!!.. great going buddy, last render looks aweosme…the anchor and wires looks great… keep up the good works… :thumbsup:


Good to hear your not quitting, the fluffians need you, and you still diodnt tell us where that other fluffian is. Good thing your trading in your oversized basic function calculator for a computer, now we get to see updates even sooner since you dont have to wait on your scene to move:bounce: .


waiting will worth it!!..enjoy this time… and i hope u come back soon with more kick a** art work…have a nice day friend :wink:


Good to hear you are not out of the running. Your work is to nice to waste on quitting! I hope that machine servers you well because then it will serve us well too :wink:


Anchors away!

James, The image is looking really good now and the anchor in the foreground really adds to the image.

Also like the light effect on the node halfway up. Very atmospheric.

Festive Regards



That last render is really great, James! I agree with the rest that the nodes could benefit from some more strategically placed light sources as it’s a bit too dark now but I’m sure you have plans for that. And a new PC, you say? Yay! :smiley:



amazing work man,the proportions and composition is amazing :bowdown:


Ok… what i can say… :shrug:

… SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!! :bowdown:
I don’t know what i can say more… it’s amazing man!!
I can’t wait for update!!!

Keep going!! :beer:


Ahem… lots of domestic stuff going on this time of year, so I’ll be brief:

Just posting this overview for the layers to be rendered along with a little summary concerning what how much is done and how much remains to be finished.

That aside, I’ll hopefully get back with further comments in a few days, but there sure isn’t an abundance of free time to sit in front of the PC these days…


those were really nice idea and images. i think the falufians aren’t aware what’s happening? they are not running. they seem to ignore the huge backhoe. otherwise, its a great WIP, maybe i should read the concept story first. keep up. bye. oh, those information is really useful.


Your organising is truly meticulous, and your work is truly amazing. I really do hope to see this one finished, it’s definitely worth the time!



i like this one
anyway keep it up
waiting for more updates


Very explenatory image there!! :thumbsup:
So are you gonna sweep this out? I mean work from front to back linearly or going for an ad hoc jupming around layers “meshing things up” again and again… :twisted:

Waiting for updates


:applause: :applause:

your final should be very great …

very good job man


Seems like the new comp takes a few more days, so I’ve started some texturing in the meantime.

This is how far I got before the system swapping killed off my patience… Some tweaking remains here before I can move on upwards on the old node thingy.


Looking really great man.:applause:



Layer post is killing me…very good work thought out. :love:

Last post looks promising…waiting for more before i can say anything friend…May your new pc be outside your door tommorow morning :wink: :wavey:


Very profesionnal work man… :thumbsup: I like you vision of lighting !