Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Poor fluffian …please tell me that hes taking a sun bath …
about your work…is an amazing work…and i can see youre having lots of fun dealing with fluffians…i have no crits sir!


I like your lighting man… you’re a master… :thumbsup:

It’s always a great pleasure each time I see a Fluffian… They seem too much simpathic…
How is possible to have the same nationality that them ? the yellow/green card ? :bounce:


Nice update you have. I only see one new fluffian, your pulling our cahin when you say two (mangled fluffians don’t count). Why aren’t the other fluffians running? Headlight syndrome(but with an anchor instead of headlights)?


Is’nt that a fluffian laying on his back on that rock right in front of the anchor?..Do i get the JamesMK prize…:cool: :cool:

…James I like your progress,it’s cruise time for you,kind of…:wink: because is it ever?

         Perhaps you can create some patches of grass,break up some areas.....I dont; know,just thinking of something to help this oh sooo very close to finished project..........I know I know,lots more to do..........Anyways,really a cool entry with fun and real nice execution from design to models to textures..........It is a Fluffian right......?:cool:


whazzat about prizes ? I got no prizes but i do have Quiz of the Day !
come see my 2d thread and take part in the quiz ! can u solve it ?


Hello JamesHK,
You made a superb work, I especially like your picture of 01/11/04. It reminds me pictures of John Harris. He painted structures so enormous so that they confound with horizon. Good luck!


Squibbit - Look for a grey fluffian to the right of the dirtball/towards the camera… Oh, and I really have to check out your 2D thread :bounce:

Climax - Thanks, and yep, I might have to tweak the yellows a bit. Contrast will be better once the midground is added though.

rattlesnake - OK, he’s taking a sunbath :twisted:

Lemog - You can apply for citizenship at the nearest Fluffian Embassy. They always need more farmers, so it’s usually not a problem to get a greencard.

ace4016 - Headlight syndrome is quite close to the truth. What’s important to consider here is that the Fluffians know nothing about spacetravel or even simple things like cars or anything except rather primitive agricultural stuff and potatoes. When they suddenly get invaded by these things, it’s just too much for their simple little minds to handle. So, they all behave in various irrational ways… everything from total freeze-up to frantic panic is possible.

Virtuoso - That’s correct, unfortunately someone else beat you to it… and besides, I’m all out of carrots.

Derferic - Oh, thanks a lot! Always extra nice to see a new name swooshing by, and with such a nice compliment as well :blush:

I’m still making further fine-tuning of the foreground details. Updates to follow later. Thanks for peeking y’all!


hey your stuff looks awesome man really cool wow :wink: can’t wait to see it finished :thumbsup: GL


you sadic :twisted: … :scream:


Divaise - Thanks dude!

jddog - It’s safe to be sadistic when only polygonal individuals are involved :wise:

I might have mentioned earlier today that I would post an update… and… er… well, now I’m going to do just that! :smiley: Check below…


Built a potentially cool wire for the anchor and made some minor tweaks in various places.

As per usual played around a lot in post as well… I mean, just what would we be without photoshop? Helpless that’s what! Without hope… Oh, the horror…

I think it’s time to move on to finalise the textures for the node next.

Time left: 37 days, 22 hours…


that is one amazing scene/render, really love it!!!


• Oustanding James! It is impressive, But i really think you should bring the ship much more brigter again, you could use darker ships in the background, but let me tell you: that out of focus Bg looks great but is too blurred maybe a bit less:thumbsup:


Two suggestions, Maestro:

  • lower the elevation of the sunlight; the sky’s mood is too happy and keeps pulling my eyes upward; perhaps some stormclouds would help as long as the sky is clear near the horizon.
  • keep the shine of the graphite, but perhaps secondary lighting or a higher diffuse falloff is needed to see more of the detailed form of the ship.

I am humbled. Again.


k…this might be cruel, but we got the time, so:

the anchor line could be chain links < dunno if it would look better, just would like to
see that

now most of the fluffians would’ve seen the anchor coming…they’re not just lookin
around…they’re runnin…


quoted for agreement, on both points


OK!.. :buttrock: :bowdown:
Wires for ship’s anch …weeee top notch stuff…i like this detail…
Anch …i like that it’s more darken and has that highlight up
Fluffians…i get a wild kick with that guy whos is half hidden behind the house …hehehe
Sky …i am sure u have a Threatening- Moody-Top Notch Sky for surprise in that Coffee machine u call pc of yours :scream: :smiley: :scream: …i like it also now …but i think u will have to check how it will look with that hidden sky pic…

I think u have a very good angle here wabbit too…just remember (what i have too…lol) to experiment a bit with a wider or bigger view…what am i saying…u have a trained eye for this…lol…sorry… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hi there James!

Whoah, the wires are great here, all the textures are very awesome man. And btw, as Squibbit has already mentioned: “We got time!!!” so dont panic here :slight_smile:


:bowdown: james this is really a amazing and promising final … :applause:
no crits I wait for other up-date… just now this look really a beutiful work. Bravo !



great work, james! i love the anchor cable. kind of agree that the ship is a bit dark–some of the detail is lost.