Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Can’t wait James! Sounds great. Think BIG, BIG, BIG!!


uhh, you gonna kick a## :bounce:


Hi James,
Looks like everyone is here again! I can’t. Maybe in the next challenge.

Good luck fellow :slight_smile:


this is going to be good. just let me get some popcorn and a good seat… good luck little wabbit!


Ahoy, cool idea you got there. Will be interesting to follow this. Sounds massive.
Keep us updated! :thumbsup:



Yess the ultimate battle for the Neuronicons; that sound good and no mercy for the render :smiley:


hahaha wonder what got you thinking about cpu’s … like it :smiley:


miketche - Dang it, now you got me adding an epic battle in the background as well :smiley:

jddog - Nah, I always tend to torture the renderer… this will certainly not be different…

flyingP - My lack of a decent one :smiley:

All ye others - It’s going to be a blast! Got my thumbnails pretty much solid now, so I’ll head on towards a more serious set of sketches soon, and then hopefully post some of them tonight or tomorrow (my scanner is not at home anymore, so there’s some additional logistics to be worked out)


I’m glad you’re taking this down a light-hearted, slightly kooky path JamesMK. I’m sure it’s needed amongst all this heavy space angst.:smiley:


Sounds like a great idea! Really looking forward to seeing you implementing them.

Best of luck James :thumbsup:


Hi James,

great to see you here!:thumbsup: …and it’s hard - I’m looking for a more or less cool idea and u just got such a great vision… Love your idea with the CPU. Very creative!:buttrock:
Ur idea helps me to see the theme from another view…!!Thanx so much.

I’m looking forward to see updates errhh upgrades;-)

May the render pipelines be with u:scream: All the best to u:-)))


Hi JamesMK!

Sounds very good…

I’m really looking forward to your job!

P.S. emmm… what about the cooling system :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!


ammm … again you are here …thats make me feels …awsome
[size=3]good luck james …[/size]
you wabbet post something soon


erilaz - Well, dangit, I might manage to squeeze some angst in there as well… Don’t think I can touch your threat towards the very fabric of the time/space continuum though :smiley:

Peter C - Howdy, fellow swede - I see you’re in too… This will be a lot of fun

Saschi0815 - Good grief! You’re here again - I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your hardware this time

splotch - Hey, cool… Oh, and I’ll post something right below here:

Can’t have three pages and not a single image, so here’s my compositional calculations for you to study :smiley: I changed it to a greek font to make it easier to follow :rolleyes:


Looks like a super secret mission planning…hmmm 42 right?




Composition Outline
mumbo jumbo

ΥΟΘ ΑΡΕ ΣΠΑΨΕ ΝΘΤΣ!!! ΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑ (->> τρανσλατιον (swithing keyboard from Greek to English)…YOU ARE SPACE NUTS)


The mad wabbit in space!! This is going to be fun :thumbsup:



yeah, impresive concept! I guess you’ll need a CPU as large as you had described the one on your planet to render it! You are speaking Lots of Deatails, will you make it on time?


Some cool concepts here. I’ll definitely be watching this one…


Pufferfish - 42 is certainly the answer. Alas, if we only knew the question…

Dimitris - Oh, I spelled ‘mumbo jumbo’ in greek correctly :bounce:

Cartesius - Yep, hope you’re joining too (if you’ve got that graphics card issue sorted by now that is)

Sky_one - Unfortunately my own hardware power is far less than most people around here have. Yet I’m confident that I’ll be done in time. Just have to make the right decisions along the road… compositing layers, details in textures rather than geometry and so on and so forth…

unitstudio - Glad to hear that!