Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


I like them Hamid…very nice poses,very fluent and natural,athletic…very nice job…Keep it strong to the finish line and all the best to you…:arteest: :arteest:


Hi Hamid

I agree very much with virtuoso. Very smooth and natural poses. Though I do have a hard time, imagine the story in this pose, very different from a normal run. But good, don´t misunderstand it. So you´ve changed the concept again:). Well, as long as you can make it on time, go for it. Looking forward to see, what you have in mind.

See u.


hi Michael…thank u…always dropping by to give a boost of kind words:)!

i think Kragh u will understand the poses once i post the new bg!:twisted:thanks for the continues support!:slight_smile:

well i did not change the main concept ! its still a water filled galaxy but in the current compo the ocean is laying below and the planets half sticking in water like islands . well its kinda normal u know in space u dont have up or down but here it gives a general earthy landscape so im doing a new compo with the ocean above and below and inbetween. still some work left in the bg so i can post it very late. but ill be trying to use the same color theme though!

and once again thanks a bunch for the total support friends!:slight_smile:


here is the new scene i was thinking of! hope its ok! btw the tornado like things are the galactic ocean !


I think the new poses are perfect. As the new idea is concerned I with ya, as long as you will manage to finish it:) Not sure if it looks better, but it’s quite promising. So develop it a bit more to hear my opinion:):slight_smile: good luck


I really must see this piece finished, can´t imagine where you´re heading. I had thought at one time, about your gravity based water, in a universe with no ups and downs. But had gotten use to it. Now you expect of me, to take a whole new approach in my understanding of your concept…:slight_smile:

It seems more dramatic, that´s for sure. I did kinda like this joyfull “At-last” feeling in the old concept. But I´ll follow you…:slight_smile:

See u



hmm this pic of the new cocept doesnt give away much. let me post a colour rendered version of the pic!but remember it will be very temp! far from the finished look!:arteest:

this pic i posted is also actauly a render!!;). its a fog gone crazy. but i like the style! hehehe:)


ok here is the one! should not be too confusing.right now they look like rocks!but its the ocean and the ppl seems to be runing on them but it will not!and the ocean from to and bottom continues in to the horizon!


you have wonderful imagination my friend. I like it and am waiting how it develops.


thanks arturro i know! u never miss an update from anybody i think:)!


Well, Hamid. Now I´ll try to explain what I think I´m watching. Please correct me if I´m wrong, need to know what this is…

The intergalactic waters has spread in all directions. This means, there are no surface of the water, and no sea floor. It has destroyed the whole galaxie, simply by surrounding it from all sides. ok. Now these people is running in some sort of water vacuum (like an air bouble in real water), and these tornado look-a-likes, is the water trying to close this vacuum, and the people is trying to save them selves…But where will they run to, is this really the end???

Even if I don´t get it, it has a lot of drama this newest submission, but totally the upposite of the original concept. I really like this, I´m getting stressed just by watching these beings, trying to escape.


I do agree with artorro about your level of imagination, really original.

See u


heheheh Kragh !;). u know what u have almost told the rest of my story!but i think ill postpone the rest a little bit ;)!and thanks!


a compositing effects test before i go to sleep…! the textures are not final and all the other ocean funnels will be orbited by small rocks like in the big one !and the bg is not there yet.:wink:


You were right, I now understand why your charaters has the “panic-run” poses…:slight_smile:

This is really shaping up to be great…

Good night Hamid, too late at night to say more:)


thanks Kragh! hmm now its time for to start final renderings!


I like watching your project development:) nice test, it’s geting a unique spirit. How did you make those rocks? particles? and how you made them all different:) I don’t see any repetitive elements. I would only add some dust to make it more real.


hi arturro,

yes i used particle shapes

first of all the funnel is made from a nurbs tube and did some tweeking to get the shape then i offseted it about three times then making them each live painted particles on them so i got about three particle systms there. then i made some rocks some high some low, then i instanced them to the particle systems and wrote a little expression to vary there sizes,rotation so they look diffrent. there are six rock polys exactly!

hope this this explains it!


Yap, thanks mate:beer:


Hey - some really nice updates here! The panic running poses are really good and the new concept a real thrill - good luck :thumbsup:


woah!! ur concept now is really different from the first chicken holding concept hehe…

looks really like the people are facing some disaster, mmm ur final render it kinda is taking up a lot of space on the screen isn’t it … i mean am looking foward to seeing where u put all those people and ur very final composition … so far its looking pretty good