Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


well dunno about that i only tried terrains! :slight_smile: all the rest is good old polygon modeling! just started with a box!:twisted:im pretty new to it too havent done except the terrains with it;)!

||) |V| |^|: i first started modeling in max! i still like the patch modeling in it a lot!:arteest:


Now, what is that??? Another great piece of software I guess, never heard of it…I learnt 3dsmax back in ´98, and jsut got stuck on it. Things is about to change, that´s for sure…

And yeah, making details in 3dsmax is hard work, compared to z-brush…


good progress mate! I especially like distant rocks and weapons. Waiting for some tests iwth all the stuff together to give you some constructive critique:)


u sure must!Kragh :slight_smile: heheh . yeah heard that modo is cool great for mecahnical stuff too! just check it out

right now doing some finish ups on clothing hope post a render soon!


thanks arturro ! but ull have to wait till the last moment if it comes ;)! because i have still a lot of work to do :banghead:! heheh:)


man clothed simply. some details still left to do but almost finished, have given some quick textures to see the effect. i think ill use detail ones from this colo.r scheme


oh btw ill try to post the wip of the cloth modeling phase and the women tommorrow! see u guys …goodnight!!:slight_smile: need to sleep …:banghead:


Great work on him. I love the details around the sword. I think you should dirt the shirt a bit, to break the similarity of it.


hurry up! friend.although You have had some very nice models!

I admire you work. :thumbsup:


well all the characters are finished … less then orignaly planned.will be back with some real upates soon


wonderful characters. The dude on the left rocks:) I like that they have their own style. I’m waiting for your next move:)


Hi friend

Sorry for this late comment on you latest submissions, am sick as hell.

Looking good, very nice clothing. Nice details too, and even though I was a little skeptic on your first head submissions, I think they are very good now, really good actually. Just hope you´ll manage to find time to make good posses and so. But you will.

Just read a big article about the maldives in a danish news paper today. -and that your biggest income as a country comes from tourism. I hope they´ll return soon, as it seem like it´s a crucial issue that they do.

See u soon


damn man!! looks pretty good…
looks like ur non stop work for this challenge has really paid off


eatbug: thanks man! im hurring:)

arturro: thanks ! ur always a source of motivation for me:)!

Kragh:oh sorry to hear that! hope u get well soon:thumbsup::)! u crits are always to the point an d gives me much improvemnt , heheh without u this thread would be so empty:)!

shabriri: Glad u dropped by again . heheh u are the one who pulled me into this compo in the first place. thanks .

im still a little behind but u guys are helping me a lot here ! thanks ur support mean much:bounce:


posing tests to see how the body deformes with the skin cluster.


good job on that pose. I only thin kthat the elbow in the right arm is too much up, and generaly the right hand is bended too much, I think that while running the arm which is behind is more streight.


Hi Hamid

You just show all of your talents now…:slight_smile: Great pose. I do have something, though. This pose is kind of a “panic run”. Meaning, it´s almost like someone has just thrown a grenade behind him, and he´s trying to escape it. And I think you´re looking for a more joyfull running style here. To get that, I think he needs to bend less in his spine, removing this “almost-running-away-from-his-head” feeling, which is a little cartoonish. This is just a test, I know, so I´ll follow your progress, and get back to you.

Actually never posed a character in 3d, only modelled static views. Even thoug I´ve been in 3d for many years, I have only really tried to understand and learn this field for the past 3 months, starting by joining this challenge. Drawing is still my main approach to the creative area.

It seems like you have skills in all 3d areas, only thing I don´t know, do you make character animation as well?

See u


will make the run a little more dynamic!


arturro : well these are intial poses but thanks for the crit ! got it!:slight_smile:

Kragh: yes im specialy involved in skining and animation:)! and the guy is actaully running kinda panickly;)! heheh i have again changed the concept a little bit! i have compeletly changed the bg since it does not give a feeling of space to me! so im on the process of making another back. will post another male pose in a sec!


male pose …hm he will actauly be holding the sword in one hand. and also they are not exactly running … riding something…:wink: