Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


Well done hamid…The tests came out well.Your entry shows lots of promise and has that nice ambiance and setting.Keep it coming to the final hamid…:thumbsup:


just the modeling have to engrave the sword and touch up the gun! the h2o gun is the girls gun( shoots water and aslo purifies for drinkng!), the staff of the robot which i posted earlier who does magic!maybe scientagic!! lol! and the last sword of kandrioxan carried by the guy, suspicously powerfull!


Hi Hamid

Nice, nice, nice…really cool. Aso the heads fits the bodies very good. For the first time I´ll leave it at that. Nothing to crit. This stuff rule, and the sss effect(I see it mostly on the male body) just works perfectly. The cloth is great, and textured they will be even better…

Nice, nice, nice

See u


thanks there virtuoso! ur words mean much!:slight_smile:


hi kragh !

and then u post too! thanks a lot man! heheh i cant believe that u have nothing to crit! makes me wonder now thats u are bored:):slight_smile: ! jusk kidding. :scream:, show hows ur work coming along?

back to terrain modeling again.:slight_smile:


oh and sss effect will only been seen mostly on the heads and hands since the rest is going to be covered ! its space u know heheheh:)


show hows ur work coming along?

My work ended 3-4 days ago, remember…will not finish the challenge.


Hi Kragh
oh sorry typo! i meant ur work work ( the database stuff):deal: heheheh! thanks again for the comments! hey again i have an idea for the compo …will try to submit shortly:)!


Oh, that work…well, haven´t finished anything yet on the vacation houses, and I won´t post it in my thread. Against the rules to upload something that has nothing to do with the challenge:deal: .
As for my database work, well I could show you a scheme, displaying the relation ships between the entities, but I´m not sure you would find it very interesting…:). Also again, has nothing to do with the challenge, and don´t want to make the moderators come after me…:slight_smile:
If you really want to see something, I could mail it too you. But I promise you; watching database schemes is not worth the effort…:shrug:

Looking forward to the composition test, exited to see where this is heading…

See u


All your modeling stuff is very good.


distant astroid rocks in the scene with hard edge polys to make itlook complex and rocky… still some touches dipending how well it will be seen in the final image


oh !:slight_smile: no Kragh dont wont to know the details just seeing how u are doing.:slight_smile: but u know u should atleast do that pic even after the gso is over. and i was thinking of bringing this piece of terrain to fore ground but dicided it will conjest the image too much… besides it will need more detail then:arteest: !!


Nice rocks, but fantastic light. I really like your way of lighting this object. Foreground or background…well, as this pic is not that hi-res, hard to say how detailled it is, but as you have putted most of the detailling work in the mesh/geometry, it shouldnt be that hard to make it detailled enough for foreground. It looks pretty detailled in this submission.

Anyways, you´re working on the composition, and know what you´re doing…so just do what´s best for the image…:arteest:


Hi Hamid - your pic is coming on real nice - I really like the composition and concept. Where will the lovely robot go? You haven’t dropped it I hope.

Good luck with the rest - looking forward to see it finished :thumbsup:


Hi Hamid

Just saw a quicktime movie about Z-brush, never seen that kind of modelling before. It may just be me, who hasn´t followed the industry closely enough, but it kinda made me wonder; what the f… am I doing with 3dsmax as modelling software…:slight_smile:

Follow this link, and chose the movie with the fish displayed.
Feel free to laugh, if you think I´m behind, as I haven´t seen this before…



Actually, don´t know what you are using, could be Z-brush…hehe, then I will :banghead:


heheh u mean the fish modeling movie? yup seen it and actualy i do use it :deal:! and maya! and also some other stuff. but started with 3dmax!


and yes u should try it definitly if ur in to modeling organic stuff or anything else for that matter kragh! ill say its the best!


:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

I really just don´t have time to follow this industry. But as I have heard about z-brush a lot of times, but never have made the effort to actually find out what it was, I fell so stupid. My alien ship would just have become so mich better, in the same time amount of modelling time, if I had used software like that. Now, all I have to do, is to find some hidden money, and get this thing. Where to search for money…that´s the question…

Now, it´s seem like it´s the choise for organic forms, what about mechanical stuff, is it effective for that?

Mr. Lost in 1998


seriously. I just spent multiple days working on a character form wishing I could just paint some detail right there, but no in max its a pain in the @$$ to get simple surface details. Too many parameters need to be set to work… bah. I want Zbrush and Modo!