Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


hi its the modeling steps of the astroid!


:thumbsup: the modeling steps of the astroid is really Cool! waiting your next step!


a test render ! overly saturated in ps to see any hotspots! only textures present are the sea and distant planets!


great job! I love the lighting here, it acts very good with the ateroid. Wonderful mood. I’m waiting for more:)


thanks arturro !:slight_smile: now working on some distant astroid stuff!


Hi Hamid

Hard to say anything, as you are jus doing what I expect of you, as the fine modeller you are. Very natural and detailed landscape. And there´s going to be this Intergalaxic water between these “Islands”, right ? I must say it´s a pretty original concept, you´ve developed.

Was visiting Male’ from above(is there this ’ at the end of the name or not…?), and that is a little island compared to the others. When watched from above above, it looks like all the island is some prehistoric mauntain tops of some bigger islands. I just cant imagine how life must be there. I guess you don´t just take the bus. Do you have some kind sailing busses, or how does this work. Denmark is also full of islands, actually only one piece, jutland, is connected to europe(at least above water). If I remember correctly, denmark contains around 500 islands. But all the bigger ones is connected by bridges, so no problem there. I actually searched for pictures of the maldives, before the tsunami, because of your location. Thought it looked like paradise. Not much of a paradise, right now, so sad. So surreal, as we never encounter anything big up here. No hurricanes, no tornados, no earthquakes, no nothing. But we have losts too. 7 dead, and around 60 missing. No one I know.
Sad thing.
Sorry for using your thread for this, but it feels better to write this to someone right in the middle, than just walking around in denmark talking about it with people, who thinks it is as surreal as me.
Back to you, and the stunning work. You think you can finish in time? Still a lot of work I imagine…Get this done for both of us, as I partly own this thread too, I should be considered a portion of the first prize, if you win…:deal:

Keep it up, Hamid. You have lots of potential in your work. And it has been great to follow your progress:)

See u


And then you submit something while Im writing, Now the water is added, fine looking.

See u


heheheh thanks for the kind words kragh! but sorry to hear that! and we dont travel by bus, by boats called “dhoni” yeah its kinda fantasy come true if u visit here ;)! anyway we are ok i mean the tsunami just washed over us kind of giving the islands a bath!:slight_smile: after this im gonna post some of my previouse works here an keep up with the community.:slight_smile:

and yeah still so much work ahead:banghead:! should have joined earlier!



btw my ideas a completely taken from my country:)!


You mean galaxies flooded by water, like islands flooded by water?

I actually was thinking about the similarity between your original concept, and what has happend since in the maldives. And it´s a little scarry, I think…:eek:


i hoped nobody would notice :rolleyes:! yep its ironic that my concept coincides with the tragedy that happened here! :shrug:! but since i started earlier with the idea … hheheh! and by the way i dont see the future incase ur wondering :)!

yeah scary :)!


Good night Hamid, will go get some sleep…


good night ! still working:)!


looks like a very well thought out image… are the planets going to be alittle more rounded in the final image?


no actually its gonna be kinda eaten out ones! with big cavities in them bored out! eaten by huge creatures! ooh reminds me havent told the rest of the story!

continuation of the story…

so the Kandrioxans expanded through out the galaxy over millleniums , there were conflicts between other civilisations but they worked it out bewteen themselves!

then the trouble began! since a galactic sized ocean springs up galactic size evolution! :slight_smile:
and creatures began to appear from the ocean , atfirst small ones which began raiding through out the galaxy for food!
then came the big ones so huge that the planets themselves were their food! thus a war of survival began. an alliance was formed between the inteligent species of the galaxy!
the war raged for centuries and more centuries:)! and at last the galaxy lies i ruins( all of the kandrioxans destroyed) just strands of inteligent species remain scattered across the galaxy! some were fighting amongest each other and some helping each other to rebuild or escape the galaxy(**). meanwhile the creatures from the galactic ocean calmed for a while. its said that they ran out of food and died …but nobody knows!

(**)its at this time i base this scenery !:slight_smile:

incase if u guys were wondering i didnt make a scenery of war ! i joined too late :sad:

a crazy idea i mean the story ?..heheheh


Hi Hamid…I am happy to hear you missed the worst part of that tragic tsunami…

Your entry has a real nice feel,mood.Almost an ethereal ambiance.

I like your concept,it works nicely.A nice natural landscape and well modeled.Al the work here looks real good.Your putting together a nice entry.I’ll check on you later,all the best to you and to your further work here…:arteest: :arteest:


Good evening Hamid

Don´t you got anything for my eyes tonight??? As my daughter is living at my place from today and the rest of the weekend, I´ll have to go to sleep in about an hour. She just won´t let me sleep tomorrow…
So I´ll be leaving in an hour max. Go find some testrenders at least. Must be a lot of them…

See u


Virtuoso : thanks for dropping by, appreciate it very much!:slight_smile:

Kragh: umm! sorry giving the models cloths now , but will post a test as soon as possible!:slight_smile:
maybe tommorow u can check it out! im up to the neck here!:smiley:
say hi to ur daughter from me :wavey:


great mood here, looks good :thumbsup:


no real texture there just sss shader tests!