Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


There is really not that much to be curiouse about, just a test render. hehehe. Almost half the way now(In rendering), It looks promising this far. Still have only finished about 50% of texturing work on this ship, so don´t expect too much, please…:slight_smile:


Well, my render hasn´t moved for 15 minutes now…this is taking longer than I thought. But will come, I promise. (½-1 h.)


sure ill be online although its almost 4 in the morning. me never sleep:). just now tackling the landscape !


4 in the morning…wow, I don´t know where I´ve kept my mind, but I had the feeling that you were behind me in time. But ofcourse you´re not. For your information time is 12:30Am here, so we´ve just entered the night.

About the render, it´s really taking longer than I thought, my last tweaks in the advanced lightning setup, must really have killed my computer. But allmost there, my guess would be ½ h.(I know I keep saying that, and really; don´t take my word for it, I have no clue when it will be finished…:))

See u


Will you submit a testrender of your landscape wip tonight?


ooh nooo! its just some boxes and spheres laid out to get some scale and layout balance!:slight_smile:
but if u want to see it just ask :)!


I want to see your boxes!


hi all. just the scenery layout nothing intersting.the ground they are running are parts of planet debries,machine debries and so on. all over is the galactic sea in the distance are dead planets. the character poses are not final. just experimenting with dummies.


Oh, a big change from the original concept, very nice. Actually a lot more appealing. I think you should stick to this color palette, I think it has great potential.
Nice work Hamid

I´ve just submitted the mothership´s progress in texturing, go have a look.

See u


Hey Hamid, how are things on the maldives. Hope you things are getting better. Still don´t fully understand the grandness of this disaster.

Just thought it looked like the people in you sketch were playing ball, but guess it´s a distant moon…:)(?)

See u soon


heheh yup its a distant moon :)! actuall its a big disaster here in most of the islands…sad tragedy:sad: … u can check out click here !
currently in cloth modeling phase:)

thanks Kragh


hi there again! very nice progress. I agree that the second comp. is better. More unique and nice colors. I like them a lot. heh, and nice boxes:)


Don´t you have anything for my eyes tonight???


yeah sorry again! been working on cloths! and also checking out the hair making stuff around here! but hopfuly tommorow:)!


No prob, mate…You just finish in time.

Actually just realized, that I own this entry. I posting more in here than you, sorry for taking up so much space…hehe

Btw. Checked out the maldives tsunami site, a lot more dead, than I thought. The last I heard was around 10!!!. Really sorry for that, hope you haven´t lost any close relations. Did you help building this site?


heheheh thats true!:slight_smile: yeah i worked on the flash part but just a simple map thats all! nothing happened to anybody i knew luckily!


The blue map, with the light blue text?

Which of the islands do you live on? (Cant find an island called “male”:))


I will go now, need to sleep.

See u


Hi Hamid

First of all, that was it, giving up on this…simply can’t afford the time, as I have so much other work. But guess it hasn´t been wasted, learned a lot, and enjoyed the community. I will still check your work out, hope you´ll finish in time.

What happend on your avatar???


thanks my friend! u were a real help:)! but still hope to see updates on ur thread!
right now modeling the terrian its a time consuming task :argh:!

so hows my new avater eh? heheh just one my doodles!