Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


Glad it was usefull.

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Maybe you could come up with an other form placed in that area, kinda empty now, sorry for being so much trouble…

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hmm! yup will do something!:thumbsup:


yestadays try at a head. any c&cs?? and yup forgot the ears


Back again. Needed to drive to my ex-girlfriend to deliver a pair of my daughters gloves, which I forgot to deliver after christmas.

About the head, Overall nice attempt. But there is some problems. Mainly in the eyes.
I would be glad if you could post all your viewports, Kinda hard to really see the shape, and point out the problems. But don´t worry, this is close to being great.

As I´m mainly a drawer, who tries to jump into 3d, I have a lot of knowing in proportions and shapes, as you can´t fake anything when you draw(no fancy light and photoreal textures to cover up for main shape failures) I just hope you don´t think I´m a show-off kinda person. I really just want to help you.

Did you add eyebrowse etc. in some kind of post-production?

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thats the best angle hheheh!

yeah did some quick touches in ps

yup will post more of it shortly , me going out for a while:)



I promissed to make an update in my entry. I won´t. It´s just too bad to show. Then I thought; “Oh, not in the engine-glow-for-human-fighter mude, maybe work on the moon fragments…(?)”. Same result, really not worth showing either.
So, one night wasted, can´t afford too many of those…hehe

Need to sleep now, really nice “taking” with you.


And here are things happening! You’re really in for a good and flying start - love that robot! Very cool - with or without imtimate parts :cool:
Good luck with the head - I’ll follow your progress :thumbsup:


ok no problem kragh :slight_smile: and yes nice to “talking” to u too heheh

Gunilla: thanks ! u are most welcome to drop by and comment any time!

and To all of cgtalk members,moderators,visitors ,administrators…etc , A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :bounce::scream::wavey:


here is the second attempt at head modeling…view!!


Hi Hamid

Great male head. Think it will do fine with the body. Still have some problems with eyes, the same problem as in the female head. They are simply not eyeshaped, if you know what I mean. The shape is simplyfied, like if it was meant for some sort of cartoon character. Just think that you should work some more with this area, as it is the most importend place in a headmodel. It´s here the charater gets life(imo).

Hope you´ve had a great new year party, looking forward to watch a lot more work from you in the new year.

Btw. I may give up on this challenge, I keep getting more and more work to do, and still need so much work to be done in gso. I´ve not desided fully, but I´ll let you know.


yeah i knew about the eye too! thought nobody would notice ;)! already fixed that. think i will now post after i finish texturing the lot, and besides there is landscape to work with.

Hey Kragh dont go quiting :sad:! hope u’ll forget that thought!


Hi Hamid

I know about “hoping no one will notice”…and it works fine most of the times. I guess eyes are the first face part people see, so they just have to be good.

About quitting or not, I´m actually working on texturing my human mothership. BOOORRIIING!
So far my ship contains 75 mat. IDs. And I´ve only textured 1/3 of it…:eek:. I should never have made so many details in the main mesh…
Well, anyways, I thought about it, and from now on(after making the last texturing), my work in this challenge will be composition, testrenders and so. And there´s a lot of render waiting in this part of the challenge. So instead of just sitting and waiting for a render to complete, I could work with other stuff elsewhere. So I´ll try to stay in, but have to drop a lot of my original plan.

Thanks for your comments in my thread, glad you can use my comments:)

See u


hehehe :)! so i picked the wrong place heheh. im also thinking of deviating a little from the orignial sketch. the concept will be the same but i think ill give some changes to the scene.maybe a little more action.


Don´t think anyone in this challenge sticks to their original concepts totally. I think most of us has underestimated the size of this “Grand space opera” theme. I personally thought I would have more time, when I entered.
What the hell, now I just want to finish on time. Should I fail to make it, I´ve probably learned more in these 3 months, than the past 2 years, so it pays off anyways.

Rendering the first test with advanced lightning on my mothership, just can´t wait to see the result…:slight_smile:



Hi Hamid

It´s has finished rendering 10 min ago, but was not satisfied with result. Too little bump reactions form the indirect light. Had to add a “Advanced lightning override”, material on top of my ship, and control the bump effect manually. Hope to have a version to submit, in an hour maximum.

Hope to see you then…


Please explain what “It´s has finished rendering 10 min ago” has to do with the english language…?


hello,i have not visited yor thread yet …I like the characters that your creating over here…the robot is especialy stylized and unique…the textures on the metal look very good aswell…keep on pushin…2 weeks left… :argh:


“It´s has finished rendering 10 min ago” dah…? heheh ur keeping me pretty curiouse about ur renders now :cry:.