Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


really good modelling … look forward to see the textures!


Hi Hamid

I Hope you´re allright, after the tsunami. I just heard that it hit the maldives also, and just wanted to wish you and your nearest all the best.


I really dig your crab, excellent modelling! Keep up the good work!




yup im back will update soon! the tsunami did effect almost all of our population ! but anyway im ok , thank you very much Henrik .:slight_smile:

im very behind now but will try anyway :slight_smile:


hi! here is the almost finished robot. still some work on the upper body and arms.


here is the robot textured at a rush to test the effect it brings.


Thats a great robot you got there… And no, you are not behind, as you work tvice as fast as me, you actually have the double amount of time left than me. So I´m behind…:slight_smile:
Glad you´re allright.

Btw. Í hate to say this, but what is that between the robots legs. I think you should work on that form, just don´t think robots need that kind of equipment…:slight_smile:

Keep it comming


Hi yunisirees,

nice update of your robot. I like the texture it is a bit unusual look for a robot but it gives him something special and unique. :thumbsup:


hmm! Kragh u mean robots calfs ? now u mention it it does look a bit odd, i put it to give the robot a stronger leg feel :slight_smile:

yup theuni wanna texture it give it a bit organic feel :slight_smile:


No no no no, stop changing the legs, they look awesome!!!. You misunderstood me. Damn, you are offline, you are probably about to change something you shouldn´t!!!
I was just trying to be funny, thought it looked like the robot had a male thing between his legs(alright; A penis…ok?). And I still thinks that btw. Sorry for not just saying it in plain english.

Anyways, it seem like you are unsatisfied with the legs, so go change them. The only one who should be satisfied with this work is you, don´t listen too much to others. Just know that I think they are great!

Keep it up.
Btw. will submit some engine glow work on the human fighter later, you´re welcome to stop by…


Oh, now you´re online, did you get an email notification right away?


oooh:scream:! hahahah oh that! u know i didnt get the slightest idea u ment that :banghead:.

now that u plainly mentioned it … i do realise it too heheh :argh:

and im always online well almost all the time anyway :smiley:

u know what im thinking of doing a short film on this after gso is finished … but no promises

:blush::blush::blush: yaargh!!


I´m actually waiting for a response to my last post in here, want to see if I was too late. Then I watch your last activity in your profile; Watching smilies!!! Don´t you got work to do?:)(thats the only smilie I need:))


Please, don´t do that, will you…hehehe:deal: (Well, had to find a new smilie for this…)


oh ! yup got it Kragh, just busy modeling the heads damn thats difficult :banghead::banghead:! its my first attempt at modeling heads !:slight_smile:


hehe well since im modeling heads ! smilies seems to be a good place to start with!

at first if u dont succeed then try to model a smiley :):)!


Well, with the first body you presented in here, I can´t imagine that would be a problem. Just cut the face into simple forms, cuz it´s nothing else than that. The hard thing is putting some facial expressions into the head afterwards.
Some simple rules in head creation(if you need it)

  1. The same distance from chin to eyes, than form eyes to top of scull(most common mistake is to make the upper head too low.)
  2. The width between the eyes should be around an eyewidth(like this ([color=deepskyblue]- -)[/color])
  3. Top of ears in the same height level than eyebrowse
  4. Twice the distance from lower lip to chin, than from nose tip to upper lip.

There is a lot of proportion rules, not mentioned, but this is just some importend ones. But ofcourse you should not follow these exactly, a good face has some caracteristica.

Just do it, I´ll look forward to the result


thanks for the tips Kragh they will help me a lot :)! i think u already solved a problem in one of my attempts at a face .

here is the robots member fixed :argh: ouch…


Well gotta go now, that was actually the closest to a realtime conversation, I´ve had in this challenge.

I´ll post something in my thread in about 4 h.


heheh ok done! gaaah!