Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


oh do not worry its because the arms,body legs are not yet connected (for speed purposes and texturing) so i think you are seeing the seem am i right?

thanks i’ll amend that

yup ur right i use a book for reference called “anatomy for the artist by sarah simblet”:slight_smile:


here is a kinda dog like creature ive created. although not in the concept art im thinking of putting it in the scene.


yeah! this dog rocks:buttrock: I like him. And I’m happy that you work so fast! It gives me encouragement to work more, becase I have also much to do and had some moments with resign thoughts. But you have more work to do, and when I see your great steps and progress, I wan’t to work as well:)


well decided to add some alien style beings after hearing some comments still in its early stages


thanks arturro ! may the vertices be with u:bounce:!


Hey yunisirees,

The musculature is awsome, I think you should keep it as I haven’t seen any similar models yet. You have worked very well in a few days, looking forward to seeing more!

Good luck!


the women detailed with some smoothing


Looks good, though the women got some tri’s. Perheps you could clean this up. Besides this it looks good. Keep it up!


no problem i’ll fix that and among others the clavicle is wrong at the end ,will fix that too :smiley:

thanks d-tox


damn, you’re fast:) that’s good. Will you cover this lady with clothes? I think this model has excellent shape for the clothing.


the heads will be modelled separatly using nurbs


Hi yunisirees,

Wow you’re fast! the models are of high quality aswell! concept is good too. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing this develop, keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


damn! still a lot to model. and to texture…yaaaargh!


some tests to see whether its proportionate. am i overdoing posting like this ?


Hi again

First of all, you are such a skilled modeller, I hardly believe your speed. I think I would have managed to make the first body you did, in the same time you did a;

1)quality body
2)almost quality beast, lot of detail work here
3) almost quality child body, also need some work
4) quality crab, like that alot!!!

It´s beginning to be too fast. This is not to be rude or anything, but there is a rule about reusing models, so be carefull if that´s the case. I would hate this work to be disqualyfied before final judging.
As I still believe it´s not the case(but just beginning to wonder), I think you should get some sleep now. I just can´t believe you have slept while working in this challenge…

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :deal:


Oh, forgot;

  1. a quality female body, with still some work to go. Nice shapes:)


Hi yunisirees

Interesting concept, nice modeling, looks like you will have a lot of work on the textures,

Its amazing the breath of ideas, yours has a biblical feeel to it,

Check my lick

All the best …Paul P Patina,


Kragh : thanks man ! i think i will sleep since u have complimented me so much. hehe i havent reused any stuff ( thats why i post so much of the modeling steps ) since im new and doing this fast. but modeling have been a favourite hobby of mine . thanks for believing in me :beer:!

Patina : thanks to u two! one my friends has even told me the guy in front looks like jesus!

hey one thing is the concept two boring? i was thinking of changing the concept though not entirely just to make it more action packed ?? any c&c’s?:arteest:


Hi yunisirees

Thanks for visiting my link, yes I agree it needs a few adjustments,

I want new color for the hat more modern, the eye lids, need some softening and hair,

is I will tweak at the end,

thanks Patina!


Hi yunisirees,

great concept & idea can`t wait to see the final…