Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


Hi Hamid

Write me the post time on your latest post, and I´ll calculate how much time you have left…you just continue working.


I’m rockin’ my friend! as fast as I can:) Hope to show my final in within 4 hours… and yes, the time on the submitting page is real one left;) I heard that in previous challenges(it’s my first one, and first time I’m on cgtalk) they gave some extra time to upload final tiffs…


i think u misunderstood kragh what i mean was when u go to submit a milestone in cgnetworks there will be a time left indicator … this thread GSO Challenge - Closing soon! talks about it and said to look at that if ur unsure …just wanna hear some reasurance!:)!


Yeah, that should be the time left, actually haven´t seen that time counting on submission page…:slight_smile:


thanks guys! im jumping up and down now!:bounce::bounce:
ok im submiting one last image before the final! stay tuned:)!


ok almost there now! missing are ofcourse the robot, some background elements. the swords look shit.the colours secheme are not final yet! …other then that :-). btw just now almost crashed the comp…hard drive alomst full when i just checked on a hunched…veiw!!


Hi! i think U are on the right way :slight_smile: :thumbsup:
maybe U need to add some blur to the flying stone-tornados while doing postwork.
Can U add some reflextions to swords? Those are not s***y at all :slight_smile:


Keep workin this way mate, it’s a good way:) but shpow us more final version to hear something more constructive:)


(Finger hurts from pressing f5…:))

Hi Hamid

Very nice…Overall. To be honest I´m having a problem with the watershader/material. It´s a little too solid, even thought it has these liquid moves. I don´t know what it is, but I think, that if this was the first time I saw this image, and if I knew nothing about it, I would think these tornadoes were some sort of trees or something.

I´ll try a listing approach:

Things I like:

  1. Poses(as already said, much life)
  2. Cloth(very much)
  3. DOF effect. very balanced. very realistic.
  4. The story. So refreshing and original.
  5. Male and female models(As said). Looks like lovers(Are they?). Anyways, they just fit each other very much…


  1. Watershader. Too solid. Maybe add some more spec. like drops(Go out, turn on you water and watch the water coming out. Lots of flickering spec. lights in it. Try capture this effect in these tornados…(Maybe…?))
  2. Color palette. (No. 5, please…?). Actually, like it somehow. A little monotone, I don´t know. Maybe I´ll get used to it. The colors fit each other, that´s for sure.
  3. Faces of models. Stone faces.(Not the model, but the expressions!)
  4. Where is the moon? Putted this image into space, now it could be everywhere(Like a lit underground cave or something…)
  5. Flying rocks. Too blockish(If that´s a word…) Need some fractal stuff. And more dust, not on groundlevel, but in the air.

Very unsure, on how to approach this image, and how to crit and comment. Very unlike anything I have ever done…:slight_smile:

Sorry for writing mostly “problem”-stuff. Guess you need this more right now, than “Halelujas”.
I wish I could help you right now(Damn rules!) Have nothing to do tonight…

If there´s something in this post you don´t get, don´t hesitate to ask.
So much potential in this.

See u…


good morning,:thumbsup: ,:thumbsup: ,that’s great!yunisirees,so dynamic,the scene is alien.

go on!only one day!:bounce:,best wish!!


yeah i know what u mean Kragh!:slight_smile: i actually there is some kinda of speuliar in it now too! let me submit a close up. yeah i tried it but the thing is its so huge the speculiar effect becomes like a big noise. u can say i have done the models close to real scale! so what i have tried to do is show like an ocean … but i will try some more if time gives.:sad:

the rocks i kinda liked it :)! but u r right…maybe i fell lazy there!!

and about the stone faces heheh i kinda liked it too…see they look tough like that…:slight_smile:

hey ill post some close ups so ull see better!

thanks !


here are some close ups .


ok.(waiting…)…not waiting anymore(edited)

If you want them to look tough, you´ve succeded, no need to change faces then. Just having a hard time imagine anybody staying tough under these surcumstances:)


Hi Hamid

Water looks cool this close…hmmm, can´t you add some transparensy falloff to the perpendicular/parallel chanel. To sort of making it look transparent near the sides of these tornado tubes?

Rocks look very good this close!!! Hard to see anything in these low-rez submission. You don´t wanna make any changes on them, good as they are. Still some more dust in air.

Faces doesn´t look tough, just stoned…:slight_smile: Maybe make some eyebrowse work, there is no expression here, at all…hehe, sorry for that:)

Why are the characters colorburned on left side?

Nice too get a close up. See u


hullo again !:slight_smile: i will render a separate speculiar pass with more water effects and combine the layers manualy …that will give more controll…heheh ok ill work a liitle on the faces…thought i could get away heheh:arteest:! and actualy in the final image( for print) they will be bigger!

and yes the dust wil work on it!!


Alright, sounds good. Always good to have the possbility to make some last minute changes, without having to re-render anything. Will go to sleep now, just so damn tired.

About the faces, don´t take my word for it, just my opinion. Seems like you have plenty of work on your hands, don´t want you to work on something, that you actually like yourself…which is still the most importend one to please…ok?

Good night my friend, been a real pleasure meeting you in this challenge:)


nice work, kinda funny that at a glance I first thought the guy was Bruce Lee! Hehe, good job, I cannot wait to see the final image!


hooooooooo!! well finaly the final image! enjoy!!


Yeah! you did it, my congratulations! It looks great and has unique mood.I only don’t get one thing… why/how the are running if they are on some sort on the hover platforms which I understand move with them:)?


ok um a few changes! hehe