Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


i was wondering which color scheme to use! please i need some suggestions if u have them on this ! thanks all!!:slight_smile:


Hi Hamid

A little drunk right now, just gor home from a party…:beer:
Sorry to make posts when I´m like this, all written in this post isn´t to be taken too serious.

Color theme 1 and 5 works best in my cross eyed sight at the moment. Maybe I change my mind tomorrow…:slight_smile:
Most interesting.

Was a little surprised to see, that you had to make an expression to do this random rotate scaling thing, never had to do an expression to do things like that…

Looking good friend, but misses some dust for scaling sense.

Good nightzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Hi Kragh
lol !:slight_smile: so ur having parties out there when we are sleepless!:rolleyes:! heheheh u better hit the sack ! yup tommrrow u can give me some ideas !:scream:

yeah its easy to do expressions if u wanna say place some 12000 rocks around .would have done some manuly but the time:banghead:!

but luckly render times are about 6 to 8 minutes at resolutions 5120X2880!view!

see u


You thought I was sleeping, right??? Well, I´m not. Yet…

You misunderstood me, about the expression thing. Am well aware of the fact, that putting thousands of randomly placed objects into a scene, is better done with an expression, than doing it manually. I just meant, that I think in this case it should be done in an easier way, than the method you used. Just a particle system, with insatnced mesh as particle type. Adjusting some random, scaling properties for making it look random.

Was just surprised, that you had to make an expression, to make the effect, you present here…

Almost goodniight


:slight_smile: yes its true! but its not that complicated anyway!:slight_smile: and the dust and stuff will come too in the final!:slight_smile:

ok then good night … i m also going to crash for a while. comp needs to cool off for few hours;)! i have practicaly strped its casing!!


I personally like either colour theme 03 but its probably just a little bit too bright, if it is seen in a full blown size it might be to strong to see your focal point. Down grade the intensity a slight down one notch. The elements shows up well, its not flat and the reflective surface with the green tint works well compare to the others. Well that is my opion. Going well.


Hmmm. Color scheme #1 seems to create the best sense of depth, to my eyes. (Warm colors appear closer, and cool colors appear further way.)



Color scheme #1 looks to be the best in my liking, although # 5 also looks good. I would definitely stick with #1. Really looks good.


My vot ealso goes to the 1st one:)


thanks very much guys! yeah i like the first one too.and also the 3rd one!:slight_smile:

almost done now!


My vote goes for the last one actually…But the first one is a very close second…happy choosing hamid.Nice work,and results…:arteest: :arteest:


Hi Hamid

My eyes are now fully functional again, and I stil vote for no. 1 and 5.
Hope it helps


Btw. didn´t go to sleep last night, as I said I would. Did a some touch ups on an image in someones thread(Darkone-and-some-digits). Really funny to work drunk and cross-eyed…:slight_smile:


yeah! sure no problem:bounce:! well gotta go now its rendering time again …but sadly i m not satisfaid with the total out come but then again it been very helpfull no time wasted.perhaps in another challengne ill try more!


hey man, is nice your work. but i like more the theme 5, it has more contras with the lights nad is more realistic:wavey:


Hi Hamid

Has been away for 2 days, and come back, finding no updates. I hope this is because you´re working your head off…
Looking forward two see some progress, only 1 day left. You better finish this one, have spend too much time in here, to see you fail…kidding, you just do what you have to do…AND FINISH THIS THING!!!..alright?

See u:)


yeah ! just doing that! thanks man u rule!:love:. will post something i think from 3 or 4 hours from now all of the bg layers are complete!( about 13layers and 3 fog layers) now just placing the chars for the final ! :buttrock:! hey u sure one day left??:shrug:! im having kinda doubts.


Ok, I was joking, you still have one whole week to work with this image. Just relax.
Looking forward to some uploads, but remember: No rush, plenty of time left…


week? I thought that the end is on 17th at 24:00 GMT… so I would advice tu hurry up, because it wouldn’t be good if such a promising work wasn’t finished on time.


oh hehehe! im hurring what i actualy had doubts about was how many hours exactly do we have now! :rolleyes:! i mean the time that shows on the page where we submit stuff …is it the REAL time left … ??

so arturro hows it goin eh? :buttrock:

hehe kragh i almost wish !:sad: