Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


incredible work man… no crits whatsoever


MDN67,rattlesnake,adel3d,terraarc,icedeyes: thanks again for the cooments!!:bounce:
Climax: thanks, much luck for you also!! Cheers!!:buttrock:
igorstshirts: thanks, i am working in the planet!!:slight_smile:


Looking nice.Large scene,interesting look.My only thoughts are that the buildings are like greebles,or real simple primitives.Like a sphere with an extruded few pieces.It seems there is no real detail,it’s just plain boxes and very simple shapes and forms.Plus the character seems to be just a shadow,I cant really make it out.
Still the work looks good,from far,I just wish more forms were visible and clear,more details seen.Just seems to be off in that area,but still a nice piece of work.I’l reserve final judgement when more is done.I know that textures wil be important.Good luck,nice work.:slight_smile:


once more…
wonderful ! :applause:


Gerardo… increible tu trabajo!!! me alegra ver un argentino compitiendo a ese nivel.
Te deseo la mejor de las suertes, aunque no creo que haga falta…:thumbsup:

saludos desde cba…



markovicd: thanks for the comments!!:slight_smile:

Kylebrn: yes men, the majority of the structures are simple basic forms with many extrusions, maybe with the textures it is going to be more detailed, I will see that it happens, the character is a lowpoly model only to see in position, i have to model it wen finish the city, thanks for the crit.:thumbsup:


Gracias German, voy a ver si por lo menos puedo figurar, hay muy buenos trabajos aca, yo soy de Alta Gracia, pero laburo aca en cordoba, siempre es bueno recibir aliento de compatriotas!!



Very nice design. This has the epic feeling of a FF game cut-sequence… very excellent work. I am quite impressed and look forward to you completing this project. Keep at it and don’t stop.


Hi Smooth-Criminal,

Great work you do there! Really detailed structures you build up for your planet. I like the whole image in blue !


adding the ship,I need to change the planet texture and some buildings, still working in a more detailed mountains.
the the idea is a ship appearing of between clouds, crit in this are very welcome.


||) |V| |^|, theuni: thanks for all the comments :thumbsup: !!


wonderful! I’m amazed. And I would advice to play a bit with the lighting. I think that it would look better if this ship gave a huge shadow to the ground. For example a big part of these mountains would be in shadow. With this setup it shouldn’t be. And with this shadow on the mountains, the effect of grand scale and grand event would be emphasized.


Hi Gerardo!

Wow, now this is one awesome stuff man :bowdown: Now that ship looks very very very cool, gives an awesome touch to whole picture, cant discribe it :arteest:
Anyways, is the character gong to look like that?


arturro: I am making this modification, thanks for the tip.!!:thumbsup:
Kaksht: thanks!! the character is only a low poly model, i leave this part for the final!!:slight_smile:



somehow it reminds me of the movie -> Independence Day


ok, this is waaaayyy too heavy man. so many details and OMG


WOW MAN I´m absolutely stuned. The detales the amount of work :eek: totaly amasing.
Keep up the good work man:applause:



The image has a certain amount of “WOWS” already stick to it! :thumbsup:

I think if you added some tower on the incoming ship way behind it’s nose that will be visible through some clouds covering the tower base and showing of on the top with some lights on it would fit to the image pretty well (Hope you understood what I said…:smiley: that’s why the say 1 image = 1K words!!)

Great work mate! :applause:


mr_carl, leho: THANKS !! for the comments!!:bounce:
Denman: yes men, reminds me this movie!!:slight_smile:
terraarc: ok, thanks for the tip.!!:thumbsup:


Exellent :thumbsup:

For me the ship looks too much like inspired directly from Stargate :curious: in my opinion it shoud be more compex to fit the level of detail you had in the city… maybe more organic…
Great Work, looking for more:bounce: