Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


What can I say ?.. just wonderfull …:thumbsup:


luciano berutti, m@., icedeyes, emonimo: What can I say, thanks for all :buttrock:

stefgrafx: i am going to use dirt in the buildings and simple colors in order to differentiate the constructions. :thumbsup:


A wonderful world you are creating here. The expanse and detail is great. Look forward to seeing it progress.



Lotta buildings and the best thing is that does not looks “full” or “random placed”.

Looking very good!

Let the “River Plate” rule! :smiley:




SPECTACULAR:bounce:.Te esta quedado impresionante enorabuena :thumbsup:


grayspace,Daniel Pittaluga,markovicd.: thanks! update in a moment!!:slight_smile:

shotta: gracias, amigo espero que cuando ponga todo junto quede bien!! Saludos!!:thumbsup:


updating the composition, i add some elements in the background, and i have to add more mountains, don´t see the sky and the planet they are going to be different in the final image i hope to finish most of the models this weekend!!


i’m speechless… mm, i mean, aaa, what the hell!!. this looks amazing!!.. man ur modeling is insane and so as ur compositions and depth… very well done… i really like ur lighting, is it GI or u custom lit it?.. btw i would really like to c some flying crafts in the sky… waiting for more!! :thumbsup: :bounce: :eek: :applause:


nothing to say:shrug: It’s just too good…


Great modeling. I love the lighting and the great unity between the fore, middle, and background elements. KEep up the great work.!!!


This image has a very epic feel to it , you have done a wonderful job so far. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


is just my opinion at the moment, the modelling and architecture are fantastic but it’s just looking a bit too busy for me now, as if the structures are competing with each other a bit :shrug:


arturro,AirbORn,mmoir: thanks, I am happy that they like!:bounce:

overcontrast: thanks, i use Brazil GI .:thumbsup:

flyingP: yes men is to much elements in a little space i guess, I am going to see that I can do thanks for the tip.:slight_smile:


Great, it’s very beautiful, i love that, great work

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• Hello Gerardo, Your City looks wonderfull, with lots of detail and lot to be explored, this is my first time here in your thread and I wish u the best< Keep going Pal!


Looks real big and has great depth. I would like to see the planet engulf more of the background and dwarf the big structures… Scale it out a little.


very nice looking atmosphere!!
your work is inspiring man!! you really have a great entry here…great art!!!:applause:
i have no crits


Awesome Work !
Hope to see the final stages.:slight_smile:


WOW man!!:eek: I like your composition a lot! That blueish tint reeeallly works! :thumbsup: And the city is great…:bounce:

Waiting for more!

Subscribed (kind of late but…)!