Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


waw, nice nice! it has alot of potential to become one of the pieces fighting for the top spot(s) in the end.
usually I don’t like posting post like this only saying “nice”, but I had to. and it will also help me to know what to follow in the future… please carry on.


YES! This scene reminds me of the remake of the movie Dune. It definitely gives the feeling of an interplanetary civilization, though I’m not sure why. Super!


Gerardo, I was attracted to your thread because of your latest image. Very captivating and beautiful, brings a lot of emotion from it.
However, simply by looking at it it’s dificult to come up with the story. I don’t have the time right now to read back to all your story development, but I got the part that the emperor or someone is contemplating the near destruction of the city. What are you planning on using to suggest the destruction?

Also, the planet you have in your sky (I believe it’s a planet, yes?) You have it darker in between the clouds, when this would not be realistic. It also looks as though the planet is in front of the clouds.
What would normally happen is this. The planet is in space, miles away from this one. Therefor, #1, the clouds would be blocking portions of the planet.
#2, anything in space that is seen from within an atmosphere of a world will not be completeley visible, only it’s lit portions will be visible in the sky.
a. So, only the lit portions of the cloud would show through (Anything black will take on whatevere color the atmosphere is, space is black for instance, it simply is not visible as an object, same would take affect on the black parts of an object in space scene from inside a planet.) There would be no dark spaces in between the clouds, all this would simply look like the atmosphere. Think of it this way, a black and white image of clouds with the layer blending option in photoshop “Lighten” applied to it. Everything black or dark would become transparant, white would be the only solid, any value below starts becoming transparant.
b. Also, it appears, from the shadow of the emperor that the light source/sun is coming almost directly from the right, a little bit forward right. This would suggest to me that this planet would only be lit up on it’s right side, so it would create a crescent in the sky. Also, your layer of clouds furthest back closest to the horizon appear to have a light source coming from the top left, instead of the right side which you have made in this world. This is because, I’m assuming, that it is a photo of sort, so maybe just try flipping it horizontally so it looks like the light source is parallel to the rest of your image

it’s all looking great and the modeling is superb and wonderful, good luck and take care!


Great dramatic lighting in this image, but I agree with Steve N, what is the drama?

Great work so far, I look forward to watching the evolution.


whats up with you guys, always trying to make erveything realistic. so it’s not realistic that the planet is front of the clouds. it’s extraterrestrial or smth :smiley: so let it be. we supposed to create art here not photorealism or anything. whatever is worth so much hard work (creating so much detailed objects) is pretty… so :d this planetary “slip” is cool


Woooow man i haven´t words.Excellent work :thumbsup:


looking now at your current render and your initial concept sketch id say the concept looked so much more alive. I loved that blinding light in the first. Gave a much grander scale and more visualy stunning image. That is not to say your current work is anything off par at all. Fantastic work.

Keep up the good work.


Leho, take these words as sincere as possible. The point of these threads and the focus on community involvment is so we can offer critiques and advice we are compelled to say all for the greater purpose of making quality art. The artist can take or leave whatever he pleases without taking offense, everything is merely an opinion, not a fact. And I feel the artist has the right to hear every opinion that graces the mind of the viewer as well as respond to them him/herself. It is not necessary that you defend him because there were no offensive words spoken, merely advice… sincere advice to illiminate any potential distraction the viewer could have while looking at his piece to draw his focus away from the overall image.
My point was that I don’t think the fact that the world looked inside the clouds was intended. I believe that he intended for the planet to be in space and for us to see it as we would see a moon on our own earth during the day. It could be “extraterrestrial or smth,” granted, but unless it was intended, and unless the artist wanted it that way, why would you “let it be”? And the “planetary ‘slip’” is not cool, if it is in fact a slip. Anything that wasn’t intended to go in the piece, or isn’t achieving the effect the artist wanted to have is the entire point of these threads. It’s so we, as the viewer, can analyze the artist’s intentions and critique him throughout his process to see if he is achieving his intentions. If we “let be” those “slips” that you speak of, that would make these entire forum’s intentions in vain. Granted, if Gerardo concluded that this is actually something he liked about the piece, he can make the choice to leave it in, it’s his artwork and our words are merely opinionated and sincere advice (for the most part). But if 2 people can have the same opinion of something (such as myself and cgcrusty) then it’s something that must be addressed because a hundred more could potentially have the same opinion and one of those could be a judge! So it’s absolutely irresponsible and rediculous to just blow it off and “let be,” (that’s an insult on the opinion, not you leho) everything should be addressed and contemplated by the artist and I believe this artist will address and contemplate the issue on his own terms.

My theory on the whole deal is this. There is am Argentinian writer by the name of Jorge Luis Borges. He is a very philosophical writer who creates fantastic (mostly short) stories of things that do not exist. He takes stories from his own life as well and implants them into his stories. But even when he takes stories from real life, he edits them, takes things that simply are not believable (even if they are the truth) and makes them so the viewer can believe them without question. Gerardo can, like I said, speak for himself without any other help. But, leho, you’ve got to think. You could change the entire optics system of a world foreign to our eye, you could make them be able to see extreme details in the darkest of darks all the while being able to see details of each flame of the sun in the same view, but the viewer could not possibly see it as being convincing. The viewer would simply think that the artist had issues dealing with contrast and values. As with this, unless that planet is more visually blatantly placed inside the sky for a reason, the viewer (or at least some) is going to think that it was a mere issue of the artist instead of some fantastic phenomena that takes place in this world. And the deal with the lighting of the planet as well, there would have to be two light sources in this space to illuminate that much of the planet, but the sharp shadow of the emporer shows that there is only one strong one to the right.

Simply take comments as helpful advice Leho, your last comment wasn’t very helpful to the artist or the community, it was a defensive argumentative statement directed towards comments that had no offensive properties. take this as sincere as possible.

Like I said before Gerardo, you have a great piece going on, hope I didn’t start a topic foreign to the greater purpose of your piece


strong piece here, can’t wait to see where it ends up.


Lelantos,Cre8,keetmu,fellah,TiTaNiuM sAMuRa,shotta,irwit,noelt : Thanks to all for the comments!! all are always welcome:bounce:

Steve Newport: wow!! men this is a crit, now I am going away to turn an expert in astronomy!! (it is a joke) you are right, but don´t worry about this, the planet an the sky is only a test, i put this background to experiment, (the planet is a photo of the earth and it is a bad composition, i am working in the enemy, i am thinking in a big ship instead of a big explosion, but i leave it to the final, and i am going to update the history wen i put the final image (I hope to finish it on time)
Realy i apreciate your crit and your opinions and i hope to receive your crit in the future.:thumbsup:


cgkrusty: thanks for the crit men, i am working in this!!

leho - Steve Newport: hey boys i respect both opinions, peace!! the background is temporal and it is going to be diferent in the final image and with your help I hope that it is going to be much better.:slight_smile:

Good Luck!!


dreaming with polygons! i have to made some changes to the left part of the river, and add grebble to the background, i put an update of the composition more late.


Without using a colorful metephor or four it is hard to describe how incredible this is looking to be. The shear scale of the modeling you have done is absolutely amazing! I am in complete awe! You rock!


what to say…:shrug: just amazing! Count me as your fan:thumbsup:


Awesome detailing. I’m inspired.



I really like your entry so far! That render with the guy in the foreground is very striking - you’ve really captured a Space Opera idea in it, so well done there :smiley:

Your city is coming along very well. A lot of impressive detailing there! Nice sense of scale.

Looking forward to seeing this one finished!


Hammerch, arturro,vrf: thanks again for all the commentaries, and support!!:bounce:

Leigh: thank you very much by your commentaries!! it is an honor for my, I was seeing your works and they are impressive!!, well, I hope to finish on time and to continue receiving your commentaries!!



Great job!!! you get it the idea! No critics just amazing, everything well done!!:thumbsup: You have to finish!


Oh yeah, how did I overlook that entry? you’re doing an amazing job here. You’re in my very tiny favourites list now :slight_smile:


Very nice modelling man… It looks quite complex yet the complexity feels natural… Looks very cool…


Incredible details… and sense of deep… perhaps the best entry I´ve seen here… Your going to do textures or apply a tone to your image? :drool: