Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


jdsb: thanks!!:slight_smile:
KOryH: I am glad of which it is of utility:thumbsup:
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good luck for all!!


one of the best…


:eek: Very good work
Felicitaciones, uno de los mejores!!!:applause:


Congradulations on your finale it looks fantastic!


The scope of this entry so epic and majestic: excellent work. :thumbsup:


markovicd.,Maxter,||) |V| |^|,ArtisticVisions: really thanks for this words, i wish the best in this contest for all!!:thumbsup:


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown: Looks like your going for the GP :thumbsup:


theuni: thanks to say it to me! i wish you luck with your work!!:thumbsup:


yes ,most definitely had to vote for this super artwork…all the best :slight_smile:


jdsb: thanks for the words!! :bounce:


very good work…i just wanted to say that again…i wish u the best…and cya in the next one!! u really :buttrock:


Superb modelling and I love the composition breakup.


Your Work Excellent…:buttrock:
good luck!


rattlesnake: thanks!! I hope to have the necessary time for the next one!!:bounce:
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adel3d: thanks, your work is one of the best, i wish you good luck!!:thumbsup:


WOW! WOW! WOW! What can I say this is amazing you 3d guys can do some really cool stuff. Alot to look at an lovely colouring…goodluck with the voting :slight_smile:


element5: thanks!! , but the 2d guys they have a greater level in its works, i think better than 3d, i have voted many of them!!

good luck with your work!!:thumbsup:


THIS IS an iconic image for GSO theme! :thumbsup:
Youve donne a really a great job Gerardo! Even Im sure your image will be one of the finalists, I wish you good luck!
Congratulations! :applause: :applause:


PROctavian: thanks!! you have made a great work also!! :thumbsup: good luck!!


congratulations Gerardo :thumbsup:


element5: thanks!! i am very happy!!:bounce: