Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


absolutely grand and absolutely splendid! I’m proud that I can competite with such artists. Good luck!


For me, it’s definitely the most pic of the 3d challenge, fabulous compsition, extrem realistic
very good work, great artist


just incredible work u have accomplished a great piece of artwork.
all the best


just incredible work u have accomplished a great piece of artwork.
all the best


that looks great.
everything is very well crafted and clean.
with a little more time the clouds could have been better.

Great job!


Great Job :applause: Congrats :applause:


Great work Gerardo :applause:

Best luck for the the final :bounce:


amazing work sure to be in the top 3 hope you enter the next challenge.:buttrock:
have a good vacation lol


arturro,MDN67,jdsb,theuni,Nomad,sinaris: thanks for all!!
KOryH: yes, it is the first time that paint clouds in photoshop, I am going to practice more!!


post the final


OOOUps sorry the cgtalk play game with me before my post your thread have 15 page and after my post have 17 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

anyway Great Great Great ART WORK


Pretty great final image mate!:thumbsup:
You’ve outlined this great image since the very beginning of the contest and worked hard on bringing it to life! I really enjoy the whole process and evolution of your baby! :thumbsup:

Best wishes on your entry mate! :slight_smile:


SUN: thanks my friend! I wish good luck to you!!:thumbsup:

terraarc: thanks for the words men, i worked hard but my poor pc worked more… it needs vacations!! good luck in your work!!:bounce:


No worries, you have a big chance of getting a new one:twisted:


Gerardo… este trabajo que realizaste es impresionante…!!!
Desde que lo vi no pude dejar de admirarlo…y ademas de estar hecho por un compatriota no pude dejar de postear un comentario…(no posteo mucho)
Te deseo toda la suerte y mas alla de que ganes o no, este trabajo es muy inspirador y dificil de olvidar…!

te mando un abrazo grande



arturro: only in my dreams!! there are many wonderfull works with many possibilities!! I would not like to be in the place of the jury! :scream:

sebastian: gracias por la buena onda!! es muy bueno recibir saludos de compatriotas!! gracias por todo!!

un abrazo de mi parte también!!:thumbsup:


i miss this part.


1 BACKGROUND: painted in photoshop
3 CITY: RENDER 4 Hs. aprox.
4 BALCONY: RENDER 3Hs 30min aprox.

A: 3 LAYERS MERGED: big ship, aditional clouds covering the ship and trails.
all painted in photoshop.
B: other ships.
c: CITY: extra dirt and color.

this are the most important layers, there are others like specular bloom, fx. turbines of the ships and fog.

well this is all.!!


its amazing,wow :scream: :scream:


very nice to see how it was put together.


Smooth-C … actually I run around all entries and I discover yours olny one… here I’m really sad to show all this only now. This is really a stunning work and visiting your challenge page I was impressed about all your progress and the wonderful quality of your work. The architecture is really crazy and awersome… :applause: so detailed and the style that you used is absolutely wonderful… :bowdown: congrats