Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


keetmun: yes, i am going to put the composition in the actual state, in order to see it!

Darkone2652: it is a strange ship!! but thanks!!


You r doing somthing veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy difrent welldone…:thumbsup:

#183 thanks! i hope that it is not very different!!:smiley:


well, i do not plan to put this composition for now, but i need some help in the ubication of the ships, i have to update the character, and some ships need little changes but my problem now is to place the ships, crit in this will be very welcome.


i Meant somthing difrent to style…
for the image i think you may bring the sphere and the ship (if i am right)little down…and avoid copy and paste the Ships like that in the sam and angle direction…
but for me i like the way you model …intresting:twisted:


incredible modeling! , very detail:thumbsup: one thing is i think overall image is look like monochrome color , do u plan to increase the variation of color?

and another off topic question , have u ever do box droid challenge?? i think i remember you, maybe i’m wrong
good luck

#187 I understand to you, sorry about my english, thanks for the suggestion!!:thumbsup:

monsitj: thanks men!! i try to make a more variations in the color, but not too much I want to maintain the uniform image with the blue tonality,!!
by the other question yes i participate in the boxx droid challenge i remember you , and your droid, really great job!! :bounce: .



“ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh… aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” is what I announced to the computer on noticing your thread for the first time and seeing that AWSOME image! :eek:

Yes I am impressed, your image is huge and very well composited. Nothing to crit, so good luck, I’m sure you’ll be in the running!
:deal: :bounce:


Thats gota be a long render time… SO many polygons!

Looking awsome! I like your recent change in the chracter, perticularly his cape :)! I see this going far in the judging!

     I was thinking this too.While I like your entry I think the texture choice is hurting the overall scenes look.The modeling is simple,extrudes of primitives etc,but effective.But the textures look like Monsitj mentioned monochrome.To me they look like "greyscale",but in this case "Bluescale".the textures dont work for me.Not that the scene is off,it's just not as good as it could be with more effective textures.It's taste thing,but my feelings are just that.
    By the way I also think this will effect you,as most have forgotten this challenge rule on judging: 

“25% of the voting - Community interaction scoring (how well each shortlisted challenger interacted with the community, gave information about their work and helped others”.

Still you have a good piece of work,just pointing out som things that may help you get to that final 5.:slight_smile:


M477: thanks for the comments:)
Dark_Drako: thanks, yes many hours of render, my pc is going to explode!!:eek:
Kylebrn: really thanks for the crit, i think the same, and i am adding variation in the color of the buildings, thanks for the help!!!:thumbsup:


hey gerardo, great work you did so far, i like it very much. i have got a bluish, icy picture with a guy and a cape in the front, too :slight_smile:

regards your question with the ships… my opinion would be that you should add more 3dimensionality, drama and speed to them. they should head more to the target (the big ship?) - now some of them point in other directions… and perhaps you could add one which flew by near to the camera (you know, where the tail-smoke has more perspective)…

and i agree with some others… work on the boots, give some elements some slight color variation (brown, red) and you’re on the winning streak. if you finish like you began you can count on my vote…

greets, maxim


You could put less saturation and play with tones, or put a “multiply-layer” in photoshop on top… and try to give some touchs of color, painting here and there… in any case, great great image :applause:


Overall your composition looks great, but what would happen if you removed the upper ship on the left and flipped the ships on the right to the left side, as well as make them look like they’re traveling into the distance more. Would this pull the viewers eye from left down and around, to finally focus on the distant ship? More of a question. :slight_smile:

Your modeling looks great, and the attention to detail…amazing. Still without color it makes me feel like you either didn’t have time to add textures or… Just needs something to add age and life to the scene, to take away from the completely steril environment.

Really nice image though.


Te está quedando muy bien, realmente se veía esto desde que comenzaste con el portal.
No le des mucho corte a los que te dicen esto y aquello de los colores, si tu idea era así, mantenela.



Man this is just awsome!:bounce: you sure have talent my freind! good luck! although with work like that i don’t think luck has anything to do with it:thumbsup:


Character looks alot better from last time i popped in

the cape is good and the helmet is also very good

for the comp: maybe on of the ships should be more central, i know u don’t wnat to hide the view but i think at least one has to be more central

anyways i’m waiting for textures


Outstanding modeling dude. So much details. I don`t have so much patience and time to go so deep in detailing, and i also thik that lot of detail will not make the picture better. we all have seen very simple and beatifull images.

When you start to do the materials and shaders?


Hi there Gerardo!

Nice update, :thumbsup: I like the blue fading a lot, that looks very great. The city is outstanding and the character looks good. Jus t be sure to put are shadows here in front. Ohh and maybe the most far mountains shoud be less visible to fade out gradient. Well the ship placing is quite good i imho, something is missing there (for the full efect), but cant figure ouut what…


I am watching your image for about 5 min and my jaw was hanging wide open when suddenly I realize that something was wrong you haven’t put the specular bloom so I can’t totally believe that is a top notch cg image please put it and that masterpiece of yours will win the competition