Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Gerardo Damian Barbero has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: composition layers

i miss this part.


1 BACKGROUND: painted in photoshop
3 CITY: RENDER 4 Hs. aprox.
4 BALCONY: RENDER 3Hs 30min aprox.

A: 3 LAYERS MERGED: big ship, aditional clouds covering the ship and trails.
all painted in photoshop.
B: other ships.
c: CITY: extra dirt and color.

this are the most important layers, there are others like specular bloom, fx. turbines of the ships and fog.

well this is all.!!



Basic sketch? That’s very impressive!

Nice composition and basic colours. I’ll be watching in excitement!



Only a basic sketch without much detail,the history is:
a big civilization in its maximum splendor, in the horizon a great enemy comes near(I have still not decided de form of this enemy, maybe a big ship or a catastrophic event)
at that moment the character( a king or emperor) it contemplates the last moments of its civilization.


thanks, but I am not very good to sketch, coming soon I am going to add a version in color (of which very I am not convinced).:hmm:


I added something of color, now I am going to begin to model.


Very nice sketch! I like these calm colours, but I feel lack of strong red colours. I don’t know why, but I would see some firey/orange/red elements in this composition.
Nice start! I’m waiting to see more:)


thanks for your opinion, you are right, the truth is that I am not in agreement with the colors, but this is only a test and I start to model now, i hope to continue receiving your advice.:thumbsup:


these are some designs of some decorations of the buildings and other structures, also some models of ships, I want to add a ghotic-futurist style to the civilization.
I am going to begin to model a type of gargoyle that is to the sides of the balcony.


very good start geraldo! love the gothic details! bravo! keepgoin’:buttrock:


thanks, I am glad that you like, now I am going to add some renders.:wip:


modeled of the head of the gargoyle.


an update, more coming soon.


I like the decorations and the head. Nice start :thumbsup:


Cool head. Reminds me of the Dark Crystal. I was surprised to see this look, I guess because I envisioned a human king. I’m glad you went for something more creative. NIce model too.


Nomad: thanks for your support!!

Gamoron: definitively the character is not going to be human ( the sketch it is not very detailed in this aspect) I am trying to add a more elaborated style.:wip:


Great concept sketches.

In some of the drawings, the floor seems to resemble a chess board, was this intentional? It could possibly add to the theme of the piece if used in combination with the king.

Great work and Best of Luck


your you are a very good observer, but i add this to only fill the ground. :thumbsup:


Fine model (the head).

Good story but it is a little short.

Seems to be a good idea to develop this story.

Good luck at the challenge!


Thanks man!, i am working in adding more datail to the history.:slight_smile: