Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


Man i have been admiring this for awhile, but i have to make a comment, this is so awesome and the texturing, is awesome…omg!!! :eek:



How you software?

Do you use UVWmap?

Show please…tks


This is definetly one of the best so far! I love the model and texture work, the concept, everything! How did you make those clouds?!? The only suggestion I have so far would be to make the slug’s skin even shinier, and perhaps the terrain’s flat tops could be at different levels. But damn, I’m truly amazed!


Thanks for the comments,

-> teraarrc : i will try some sss, if some time remains. I’m not very familar with this technique.

-> m@ I’ve made some displace tests to make the “mantle” more “granuleux”. If time remains too.

lotaH -> Yes, I’ve used the max unwarp modifier.

DrFx: -> the clouds are roughly rendered with afterburn, but essentially photoshop painted.

The terrain needs more geology levels, but it will be 60% covered by differents objects, so it will be ok like this.


Hey Fred, just want to say you r my favourite to win this thing!

I love your work bro, keep it up!


Wow how did I miss this one. Very beutiful work for a slug :wink: The only crit I have is that the pilot looks positioned very stiffly. I would suppose that by the end of the work you would have it posed more naturally. But outside of that it looks great.


Impressive once again. I specifically am impressed with the quality of your textures. Do you make them up from scratch or do you use photos and then manipulate those in photoshop? The slug is looking nice and squishy for sure.


The textures do look good…I will wait to see this all come together…the slug does look a little …ummm…Riggid …though…like a statue kinda…needs a better sense of his weight… :shrug:


hi Fred
it’s worth it to drop by the grand space opera threads. your work shows how sweet you are…i mean how diligent if thats the word. traditional sculpting is my specialty and i see that the slug is a little rushed. well, its a reference, so it’s fine. but i can’t say anything on your modeling, texturing and lighting. just keep working, less talking, but atleast write something, like steps on how you make this things??? looking forward on the final image.:thumbsup:


detail, bottom right of the final picture.


Great camera point of view,you got the good feeling of altitude in this image, i can only tell you to keep your work at the same level ! Truly great entry ! :buttrock:


Nice updates! I especially like the ground texture. :thumbsup:

IMHO, I think you should add some more variation to this part…not to disturbing…maybe a tree or two, some rocks…:shrug:…it kind of looks empty to me…just an opinion

I like a lot the quality of your work! :slight_smile:


yes terraarc, I agree.

I will add some details, once more, if time remains.


Hi there Fred!
Nice image here, thumbs up!
One crit though, imho You should add a fading out smoke trail to the ships, it doesnt look much real now.


Great work texxx. I agree with terraarc and Kaksht. Keep the good work.


Two details, the extreme background Battle, and an atomic h.



Kaksht: -> The trails will be pratically completly covered by the closest ship.


Really nice work so far, Fred.

Too bad the challenge is almost over, I would have liked to join in.


hey nice work there… personally i dont like the smoke that is coming from engines… i would make it more gray … that goes from dark gray - light gray… i would use ramp in maya to accomplish that i dont know what program u are using so… :rolleyes:


adding some details.


an other detail.

markovicd: I work with 3dsmax, and vray.