Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


very realistic and clean texturing… clean in the meaning of the realisation, very professional:thumbsup:

The terrain texture looks just amazing, can you give some tips on how you did it? I would be greatful…


ship, texturing.

vray render :


Your ground terrain is looking really good.
The texturing on the ship is great. Nice weathering effects.


great mapping. Manque plus que des glossi refs subtiles… ou peut être y’en a deja et elles sont trop subtiles…


Nice maps. Echo… Echo…


Hi Texx

Congratulations man! Yours is one of the best around, for me. Your caricaturesque stile is gorgeous and very different from the most common realistic ones. I can’t wait to see the final composition. No critics till now!


totally awesome!!!
great concept and well executed


I just found your thread (it’s a Grand Space Opera challenge after all!! :D)

Man your work is pretty awsome and inspiring!! :eek:

Nothing to crit!

Subscribed and waiting for more inspiration…


those creature and ship designs , as well as the detailed textures are just beautiful !

and the landscpe. Really liked that snail dude and that funny helmet

the other dude looked a bit like the 5th element creatures , but just a little…
the spiked back and jets are so cool , wonderful stuff !


Gee whiz Fred!

Brilliant ship design, very original!

Your approach is really unique! I think you deserve that Boxx Machine!
Good luck, You are one of my favourites to win!


Very nice texxx… very nice indeed. Keep working.


I loved the Characters and the Ship . I like this kind of distorted realism.


Hey Texxx,

That ship is looking good. The textures really suit it.



a color test for the slug pilot.


And obviously the textures are just as great as the modeling. That ship looks better than what’s allowed unfortunately, so you’ll probably have to redo parts of it to make it a little less excellent.

Full score also for being the least talkative challenger we’ve ever encountered around here :smiley:


:bounce: :thumbsup: :applause:


Wow that’s soo cool. Wonderful texture quality ! :thumbsup:



yes… didn’t you see the challenge rule?

“to be eligible, potential winners should have said at least 25 words in their own thread”

(kidding of course…)


Very nice dirty texturing of the ship and nice render also… you got the keys to make an amazing image there, keep that super-work up ! :thumbsup:

… ps : but tthat’s right you should talk more :)… you can train yourself at home, talking at everything you encounter… your dog, your computer event to yourself… it’s good for health :wink:


the skin pattern.