Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


Awfully solid sketches and very very interesting designs here… No doubt this will turn into high-quality stuff. And as far as space slugs go, I’m certain they will need double-strength G-suits… just a thought :smiley:


an update of the ship.


Ton style est carrement sympa et je sais pas pourquoi mais ce thread s’annonce terrible !

Very nice characters design…i keep an eye to see more :buttrock:


very nice sketches and idea. love to follow this one too.


very good model disign tray your 3d model to bee the same as skecthes.
work hard
like your ship:bounce:


Nice start to the spaceship. Excited to see this thing textured and the character. Quick question though: How well will you be able to see the pilot in the spaceship?? Unless you do a couple snapshots with close ups and a couple showing of the spaceship.


yes, two pilots will be visible.

- the very close-to-camera one, and the one in the ship, at the center of the image.

if everything goes as I want, the composition will be very close to this grey render.

On the battleground will be secondary action, slugtroopers fighthing Evil Atomic Albino HedgeHogs.


nicccccce…Slugtroopers Vs. Evil Atomic Albino HedgeHogs

I like the enviroment also… kinda reminds me of the wylie cotie and road runner cartoons.


the atomic H. shell armor.


Feels a bit silly not to offer any crits, but I just have to say that the implementation of your drawn style into 3D is rock solid and I’m really impressed with how things look already in its early stages… Totally professional stuff.


Good job but I want to prevent you that you must use the submit entry form to your pictures, it’s better for you and to follow the post by cgtalk crew :

Because at this time you haven’t post any picture ‘officially’ for any milestone of the challenge (only the first)…


ok, thank you Michel.


Mostly interesting and fresh new stuff i see here…subscribed :bounce:



Verry nice looking ship you got there, can´t wait to se more.



Atomic Hedgehog model.


good progress on those models , nice style. Keep going :thumbsup:


Hey Fred! first time I see this thread, and what a great discovery … I like a lot your sketches and your modelling …very nice style

Keep working, I’ll be around here …


a color test for A H.

The ship :


I love the concept, and the modeling seems to be perfect, I hop the maps will be as beautifull as the rest.

Good Luck Texxx.


Color test for A H looks sweet !