Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


Texx…man u are a great and very professional artist my friend…i just have to say now that u are finishisng this that i learned a lot watching your clean modeling and texturing…my deepest respect in your work…:slight_smile:


much better texxx!
love it.


GREAT!! I only can say that I totally agree Dimitris … best luck to you!!


some corrections and complement on the habitacle.


Looking great. I have a suggestion though. Try painting in some shadows cast by the clouds on the ground.


all the best.


One of the best I’ve seen! Beautifull.

Just one little observation…in the left corner ( or right corner, since the image was flipped ??)
you can see the polygon division slightly. It’s a detail though…

Good work!!

good luck :thumbsup:


Hi texxx,
Just wanna say i totally agree with dimitri’s comment. All my respect for you and your work.:thumbsup:
I have a suggestion too, may be you should add more slugs troopers on the ground, cause I think there are too much empty space for a battle area.
I also think you should follow balistic’s comment regarding the shadows cast by the clouds on the ground in order to add more depth in your image.

Good luck, boss :smiley:


for the last 30 minutes i was clicking through this thread with my mouth standing wide open… this is incredible work, everything fits just perfect together- thanks for the inspiration :applause:


WoW? very, very great pic all the élément habe a style definitely beautifull the texture are great and the modelling fantastik it’s a great professional work


great work. Go ahead.


very nice. there is so much coolness in this image.
cool concept cool characters cool modelin. very nice.

best of luck

Oh yeah… what Brian said… cloud shadows would be good.


Hello texxx… It’s looking great mate… if I can make one little suggestion, try to add a bit of refraction to the glass! Great job.


adding some ground details.

Claudio Jordao: I will add some fake refraction, at the end.


Hey texx…I have enjoyed your entry…but I miss now with this update are the smoke trails from the missles…??..they added a sense of movement that was helpful to the image…??


hey mate …your work is really great…vry nice compo and models and textures and etc!

just great!!

i just think that missiles need a dense smoke trail …but is the only advice i can give to your incredible work:arteest:


Yes i agree with Jeremy on this one. I think the smoke trails could be made darker, more smoky. I can see a bit of the trails, but they seem diminished by the clouds behind.



Magnifique :applause:

Just great, no crits, good luck for the final :thumbsup:


wow… vraiment magnifique !!! :applause: !!!



adding details,

corrections (the trails are back now.

better jpg compression.